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Emerica Wild In The Streets: Austin, TX

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Looks like this year’s Wild In The Streets U.S. event in Austin, TX on Go Skateboarding Day was a damn good time. Here’s the official video by Emerica. Check out Timebomb Trading‘s (Emerica’s Canadian distributor) coverage of G.S.D. in Vancouver right here.

Wild In The Streets: Detroit

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

Up in Canada, Emerica’s Wild In The Streets took place in Winnipeg this year on Go Skateboarding Day. Down south, Detroit was the official #WITS stop. Check the video evidence featuring Bryan Herman, Andrew Reynolds, Jerry Hsu, Brandon Westgate, Ed Templeton, Collin Provost, Figgy, Trevor Colden, Leo Romero and the entire Dirty D skate population:

Stay tuned for the online version x video of our Detroit/Windsor Border Cities feature from Issue 119.

Wild In The Streets 2012/Winnipeg: Photos & Video

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

“The Canadian Emerica team (Bradley Sheppard, Alexis Lacroix, Skylar Kehr, Andrew Wenckstern, Spencer Corbett, Dan “Alien” Nelson, Jamie Tancowny) were in Winnipeg this year to celebrate Go Skate Day, their way, with Wild In The Streets.

The meeting spot was the Forks skatepark at 2pm, which is when 250-plus kids took to the downtown streets hitting spots – ones that normally can’t be skated. But with a mob of kids you can skate anything…

The police were around and reminding us that this was being tolerated. The group were able to hit 4 of the 5 spots Emerica had planned out, but eventually we were forced back to the Forks to finish the day.”
—David Birnie

Judah Oakes sent us a few exclusive pics of #WITS Winnipeg, and at the end you’ll find the official video coverage by Don’t Sleep Productions x Timebomb Trading.

^ The mob’s departure from the massive Forks park.

^ The Nutty Club ledge in the Exchange District was a good place to start. Jared Arnason, 50-50.

^ This crusty out-ledge has been serving the Winnipeg skate scene for a long time. Jamie Mospanchuk, front tail frontside heel out.

^ Yet another classic ‘Peg spot. Bust factor was not a factor at the City Hall gap, which is not for those who are faint hearted or roll slow.

^ Post-game satisfaction. Check out Timebomb Trading’s full Winnipeg photo set right here. All photos: Judah Oakes.

#WITS WPG video by Bradley Sheppard and Ben Stoddard from Don’t Sleep Productions for Timebomb Trading.

Wild In The Streets – Winnipeg

Friday, May 18th, 2012

June 21st (the official first day of summer, the longest day of the year, and most importantly Go Skateboarding Day) is on the horizon. This year, Emerica x Timebomb Trading are putting on their annual Canadian Wild In The Streets initiative in Winnipeg. Keep tabs on the FB event page for details, and our site will provide exclusive photos.

Emerica’s Wild In The Streets: Detroit

Friday, April 27th, 2012

While Go Skate Day takes place all over the world on June 21st, Emerica’s official Wild In The Streets barge will go down in Detroit, MI this year. Emerica has teamed up with the artist-run non-profit, Power House Productions, to benefit their worthwhile project: the Ride It Sculpture Park.

Take a look back at our Dysfunctional In Detroit feature and video from Issue 116 right here, and stay tuned from more from the Motor City in an upcoming issue.

Wild In The Streets 2011: L.A. Overtaken

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

On Go Skateboarding Day, Emerica took over downtown Los Angeles for this year’s main Wild In The Streets event (reminiscent of the big one that went down in Vancouver on GSD 2009). All the major Emerica players are in this one…

Go Skate Day Warm-Up

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Leading up to the flurry Go Skateboarding Day related content that’ll be coming down the pipeline, here are a couple warm-ups from Emerica’s Wild In The Streets Canadian events on June 19th, thanks to the fine folks at Timebomb Trading.

Edmonton (as part of the Van Wilder Tour in Alberta)

Alien, frontblunt transfer // Photo: Judah Oakes. Check out the full photo-set shot in Eddy right here.


Click here to check out a photo-set from the Emerica/RVCA June 21st GSD jam at Queensborough in New Westminster, BC, and right here for some pics and info about MTL’s Project 45 Go Skate Day initiative supported by RVCA.