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Think Skateboards: Perspective Series

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Think Skateboards presents the Perspective Series. Adrian Williams, Russ Milligan, Danny Fuenzalida, Josh Matthews and Dave Bachinsky team selected their favourite San Francisco lifestyle/culture photos shot by Bay Area photographers Dan Zaslavsky, Joe Brook, Dave Chami, Jared Sherbert, Ken Goto and Mark Whiteley for this deck series. Take a closer look here.

Think Skateboards are available in Canada through Ultimate Distribution.

Vans Canada: Russ Milligan Welcome Video

Monday, March 18th, 2013

Russ Milligan joined us at the March 7th Thrashin’ Thursday party in Vancouver to celebrate the fact that he’s now on Vans Canada. This welcome to the team video segment premiered at the event, and now it’s here for all to see:

Check out Russ’ part in Business As Usual here, and our Metro Van Park Barge video featuring Russ and the Think team.

Thrashin’ Thursday (Mar.7): Vans Canada Welcomes Russ Milligan

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Here’s another special edition of Thrashin’ Thursday at Vancouver’s Whiskey Bar (directions here), brought to you by BLVD Skateshop, Concrete, and Cariboo Brewing.

This Thursday, March 7th, Vans Canada is celebrating the fact that Russ Milligan has joined the team! Along with the premiere of his intro clip, there’ll be a mini ramp jam (thanks to Supra Distribution for lacing the bar with transitions) with a $250 cash prize and more. Hit the Facebook event page here and join us!


Think’s “Business in the Northwest” Tour Video

Monday, November 19th, 2012

SLAP released a video that chronicles the Business in the Pacific Northwest tour by Think Skateboards that went down May 26-June 2. Watch Russ Milligan, Lee Yankou, Joey Guevara, Adrian Williams, Josh Matthews and Pat Moran handle their Northwest biz.

Take a look back at our exclusive Metro Vancouver Park Barge video that chronicles a couple of park sessions during the last stop of the Think tour:

Think is available in Canada via Ultimate Distribution.

Think x Concrete: Metro Van Park Barge Video

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

In early June Josh Matthews, Russ Milligan, Lee Yankou, Adrian Williams, Joey Guevara and Pat Moran from the Think team hopped the border to visit Russ’ hometown of Vancouver at the end of the Business In The Pacific Northwest Tour (check out our Instagram recap here). They spent a day skating the Chuck Bailey park in Surrey and the RailSide park in Port Coquitlam with a street spot stopover in between. Here’s how it all went down:

Filmed and Edited by: David Ehrenreich
Song: “Mind Mountain” from the album Ever The Silver Cord Be Loosed by Weird Owl.

Retro Returns #7: Think Dudes in ‘The Portugal Recollection’

Friday, June 8th, 2012

Since the exclusive content archives run pretty deep here at, we’re serving up something from the past on a weekly basis (or whenever we remember to do it)…

This isn’t too much of an oldie, but since the Think team was recently in Vancouver (check out our Instagram recap) we decided it fitting to look back at a video we posted nearly a year ago to the date. Think TM Justin Carlson assembled some clips featuring Russ Milligan, Josh Matthews and special guest Kevin Lowry to supplement an article we did called The Portugal Recollection in Issue 113 (flip through it on your cpu or mobile device right here).

Filmed and edited by: Justin Carlson
Post-production elements: David Ehrenreich
Song: “Too Many Rules” (1961/Portuguese version) by Connie Francis

For more exclusive videos, visit CONCRETE TV.

Insta Recap: Think in Vancouver

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

This is as good of an excuse as any to remind you to follow us on Instagram (@concreteskatemag). On June 2nd, as part of the Think (@think_skateboards) Business in the Pacific Northwest tour, we organized a Metro Vancouver Park Barge with Ultimate Dist.(@ultimatedist). No formal demo settings with sound systems and sidelines, just a kicked back suburban park tour with Adrian Williams (@ace_boogee), Josh Matthews (@joshmatthews_), Joey Guevara (@joey_guevara), Pat Moran (#oldpatttt) and fellow Canadians Russ Milligan (@russmilligan) and Lee Yankou (#leeyankou).

Our video specialist David Ehrenreich was in the mix, so stay tuned for an edit. There’s an obvious Instagram theme here – virtually every step of the tour was documented via the photo sharing app. Here are a few Insta highlights from Think’s visit to Vancouver:

Lee Yankou, back noseblunt.


Think in Vancouver: Locations Revealed

Friday, June 1st, 2012

The Think dudes are set to arrive in Vancouver on June 2nd and they’re looking to roll with you at the Chuck Bailey skatepark in Surrey (directions here) and Railside in Port Coquitlam (directions here). Details below. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates and alternate plans in case the sky falls. See you out there!

Follow Think and the tour teamsters on Instagram: @think_skateboardsAdrian Williams (@ace_boogee), Josh Matthews (@joshmatthews_), Joey Guevara (@joey_guevara), Pat Moran (#oldpatttt) and fellow Canadians Russ Milligan (@russmilligan) and Lee Yankou (#leeyankou). The tour’s official hashtag is #thinknorthwest.

Think Heading to Vancouver

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Think is currently on their Business in the Pacific Northwest Tour until June 2nd, which is when they’ll be arriving in Vancouver.

Be sure to follow Think and the team on Instagram: @think_skateboardsAdrian Williams (@ace_boogee), Josh Matthews (@joshmatthews_), Joey Guevara (@joey_guevara), Pat Moran (#oldpatttt) and fellow Canadians Russ Milligan (@russmilligan) and Lee Yankou (#leeyankou). The tour’s official hashtag is #thinknorthwest. More details about the Vancouver stop are coming soon…

Think: Business in the Pacific Northwest Tour

Friday, May 25th, 2012

Hot off the heels of their April video release, Business As Usual, Think is set to roll on their Business in the Pacific Northwest Tour from May 26th until June 2nd.

The team will be in Vancouver on June 2nd and they’ll be spending the day checking out 2 Lower Mainland parks. By keeping tabs on our site, Instagram (@concreteskatemag), Facebook (@concreteskateboarding) and Twitter (@concreteskate) you’ll find out where and when you can skate with the Think dudes!

It’s an Instagram affair so be sure to follow Think (@think_skateboards) Adrian Williams (@ace_boogee), Josh Matthews (@joshmatthews_), Joey Guevara (@joey_guevara), Pat Moran (#oldpatttt) and fellow Canadians Russ Milligan (@russmilligan) and Lee Yankou (#leeyankou). The tour’s official hashtag is #thinknorthwest. Stay tuned, more details about the Vancouver stop soon…

Think is distributed in Canada by Ultimate Dist.

Think’s “Business As Usual” in Full

Friday, April 13th, 2012

San Francisco’s Think Skateboards comes through with their highly anticipated, well-produced (and free) feature-length, Business As Usual. And with parts from Canucks Russ Milligan and Lee Yankou, along with Josh Matthews, Cody McEntire, Dave Bachinsky, and Adrian Williams – it’s 26 web-minutes well spent.

Think is available in Canada through Ultimate Dist.

CONCRETE Skateboarding – 2011’s Greatest Hits

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

To coincide with our 2011 cover vote, we wanted to tip our hats to the past year by cutting a video featuring 3 minutes worth of the best clips from our Concrete exclusives.

There are too many dudes to mention in this one, so you’ll have to click play and watch 37 of Canada’s finest rollers (with a few south-of-the-border bros in the mix). Brought to you by Fourstar, C1RCA and OMIT:

Filmed by // Mike Gilbert, David Ehrenreich, Dane Collison, Justin Carlson, Jordan Moss, Wade Power, Devin Guiney, Ian Docherty, Brian Caissie, Aaron Wylie, Vern Laird, Brian Shannon and Jason Picton.

Edited by // David Ehrenreich

Music // “Three Little Bears” from the album Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by Jimi Hendrix.

A special thanks goes out to David Ehrenreich and all the filmers who’ve contributed to our videos over the past year. We’re looking forward to padding CONCRETE TV with more visual goodness in 2012!

Think Trio “Warm-Ups”

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Josh Matthews, Cody McEntire and Russ Milligan from the Think team take on some park “warm-ups”…

Catch Matthews and Milligan in The Portugal Recollection article and video in this Issue 113 post, and get a hefty dose of McEntire on Canadian ‘crete by hitting the Pros & Bros Tour archive.

The TENS Sections – Part 12

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Don’t Sleep Productions premiered TENS in late ’09, featuring 10 tricks from a grip of rippers, and Concrete was amongst the project’s list of supporters (check out our TENS feature in the  online version of Issue 104 - Dec.’09). Now it’s being released in convenient sections. Part 12 features Ian Twa, AJ McCallister, Spencer Hamilton, Russ Milligan and Bryan Wherry:

Catch Twa on the cover of Issue 112, along with an alternate angle of that cuv leading into an extended web version of the #112 feature, 1611 East (with Twa, Spencer, Wherry and more). You’ll find AJ in The China Report feature and Russ in The Portugal Recollection (along with the exclusive video supplement) – all in this Issue 113 post.

More from TENS…
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Russ Milligan joins Green Apple

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Visual mastermind Ryan McGuigan just sent over this gem he put together that confirms the rumours and welcomes Think pro and DVS Canada rider Russ Milligan to the talented roster over at Winnipeg’s Green Apple Skateboard Shop:

Think’s Spirit Animals

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Think has released an awesome commercial featuring Lee Yankou, Cody McEntire, Josh Matthews, Russ Milligan and Danny Fuenzalida to promote their “Spirit Animals” board series…

See more of Cody by checking out our Pros & Bros archive (stay tuned for the upcoming webisodes), and take another look Russ and Josh in The Portugal Recollection feature and video from Issue 113.