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Powell-Peralta Extra Photos

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Deville Nunez the Powell Peralta team manager and great photographer gives us some of his extras from the tour. Enjoy!

Brendon Villanueva, lipslides through the caps and kinks at the New Spot.


Brendon Villanueva, poses while on the drive up to Squamish.


Brendon Villanueva, frontside kickflips at Chuck Bailey in Surrey.


Bucky , kickflips over the fence at Lonsdale park in North Vancouver.


Bucky tries to wash the die out of his hair at Lynn Canyon.


Bucky, frontside noseblunts at Railslide park in Coquitlam.


Backside tailslide through the kink, Bucky has no problem skating all spots.


Bucky having a hard time washing the die out.


Charlie Blair pops a huge backside kickflip over the hip at Seylynn park.


Charlie Blair, frontside air at a backyard ramp.


Charlie Blair hikes the trails of North Vancouver.


The picnic table at Railslide park is a big gap, Charlie Blair kickflips during the demo.


Ice Bucket after a long day of skating.


The crew on the way to Brohm Lake.


Chuck Bailey demo.


Zack Kuehne frontside kickflips over the cement couch.


Make sure you watch the street video we just posted as well. Click Here.

Van Doren Invitational: Qualifier Photos & Final Results

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

It was a scorcher during the Day 1 Qualifiers of the Van Doren Invitational on Friday, July 11th at the iconic Hastings Bowl in Vancouver, BC. 33 skaters got whittled down to 14, which will advance to the semis on Saturday, July 12th to join the gnarly list of pre-qualified rippers. Notably, locals Adam Hopkins, James Clarke and Rob Boyce made the qualifier-cut.

Find the full break-down of the Qualifiers right here, and check out a few Day 1 photos, shot by Brian Caissie. Scroll down for the July 12th final Day 2 results and recap video.

The heat was on (literally) for the Day 1 Qualifiers.

Bones Wheels rider Patrick Ryan goes frontside over the hip.

Kevin Kowalski from Lifeblood Skateboards was ripping all day. He qualified 3rd with moves like this risky-business frontside invert.

Tom Schaar, the youngest VDI competitor at 14, qualified 9th because he was flying all over the place. Case in point: this stalefish.

Another case of going big was local James Clarke. He qualified 13th, just above the cutoff, despite barely being able to walk due to a knee injury. This dude charged and this frontside air is proof.

Josh Borden on grasser duty.

Powell-Peralta‘s Charlie Blair is a pleasure to watch, and it’s a bummer he didn’t qualify . Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing more of him in our neck of the woods. Alley-oop 360 over the hip.

At 44 years old (the oldest competitor in the VDI), Rob “Sluggo” Boyce is showing no signs of slowing down. He landed a perfect backflip in the deep end, which got the biggest rise from both the crowd and the contestants (which all freaked out and threw their boards in the bowl, then lined up for high fives). Respect. He also took 14th – the qualification cut-off.


1. Alex Sorgente / $15,000
2. Raven Tershy / $12,500
3. Brad McClain / $10,000
4. Tom Schaar / $7,500
5. Nolan Munroe / $5,000
6. Adam Hopkins / $4,000

Photo Gallery: Unseen Images by Brian Caissie

Monday, December 30th, 2013

It’s the end of the year so Concrete photo editor Brian Caissie decided to do a little hard drive clean-up. Here’s a grip of photos he shot throughout 2013 that didn’t make it into the magazine, but it certainly doesn’t mean they’re lacking in quality.

See for yourself by scrolling through the stills and sequences of Cameo Wilson, Charles Rivard, Dustin Locke, Joe Daigle, Johnny Purcell, Jordan Zazula, Josh Clark, Magnus Hanson, Matt Berger, Nate Lacoste, Skylar Kehr and Adam Hopkins.

Cameo Wilson, front feeble // Seattle, WA

Cameo Wilson, hardflip // Burnaby, BC

Charles Rivard, nosegrind // Montreal, QC

Dustin Locke, nollie flip // Vancouver, BC

Joe Daigle, crook // Quebec City, QC

Johnny Purcell, ollie // Montreal, QC

Jordan Zazula, blunt // Vancouver, BC

Josh Clark, feeble // Montreal, QC

Magnus Hanson, nollie flip // Cloverdale, BC

Matt Berger, backtail // Vancouver, BC

Nate Lacoste, tailslide // Vancouver, BC

Skylar Kehr, nosegrind // Vancouver, BC

Adam Hopkins, frontside ollie // Montreal, QC

Check out Brian Caissie’s favourite published Concrete photos from 2013, along with our favourite exclusive videos from the past year right here.

Concrete Skateboarding 2013: Top Photos & Videos

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

It’s about time to look back at the content we released in 2013, and share some of our favourite photo and video moments with you. Concrete photo editor Brian Caissie picked his favourite photo from each of the 6 issues we published in 2013, which was no easy task. We also stacked a selection of our most popular Concrete exclusive video projects from the past year into the 20-minute 2013 In Review compilation. Much better than staring at the yule log channel.

HAPPY OLLIEDAYS from the homies at Concrete. We look forward to producing more free print and web content featuring the finest in Canadian skateboarding in 2014!


Find the full credits and skip to specific videos right here.


ISSUE 123 (as seen in the Exposure photo feature):
Will Marshall, 360 flip [o] Josh Hotz

ISSUE 124 (as seen in the Exposure photo feature):
Matt Berger, hurricane [o] Michael Burnett

ISSUE 125 (as seen in the Five Spot):
Mark Suciu, switch backtail [o] Dan Zaslavsky

ISSUE 126 (as seen in the Escaping The Usual feature):
Chad Dickson, switch kickflip [o] Rich Odam

PHOTO ANNUAL (as seen in the Facing Obscurity feature):
Kenny Reed, 360 flip [o] Patrik Wallner

ISSUE 128 (as seen in the Exposure photo feature):
Mark Appleyard, backside flip [o] Frankie Martinez

Concrete x Lakai: 2013 Photo Annual Mega-Post

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Young Lakai teamsters Riley Hawk, Jon Sciano, Sebo Walker and Miles Silvas visited Vancouver for a few days at the tail-end of summer. While managing to get a skate photo of each of them in such a short time-frame, we also armed them with 35mm disposable cameras to get their perspectives of the city.

It’s all in the Disposable Vancouver feature in our 2013 Photo Annual. We’ve made the mobile device-friendly digital version available, along with a slide-show of photo extras, a video accompaniment by Supra Distribution, and an Instagram contest giving away a grip of Lakai goods. Scroll, click and enjoy!






Want to win this Lakai package from Supra Distribution? It’s easy to enter on Instagram:
•Re-gram this image (*bonus points if you post a photo of your fave Lakai rider instead).
•Tag it with #lakaiprize
•Make sure you’re following @supradist & @concreteskatemag.


Thursday, September 12th, 2013

HUF teamsters Brad Cromer, Dan Plunkett, Joey Pepper, Josh Matthews and Peter Ramondetta spent some time in New York City. These guys, along with Dylan Rieder, Austyn Gillette, Keith Hufnagel and Kevin Terpening also visited Montreal on August 22-23 during the Stoops Euro Tour. Click the images below to check out the photo sets (shot by Darrell Smith) from that trip.




HUF gear is available in Canada through Take Five Trading.

Girl/Chocolate x Vancouver: Demo & #20yearsofgirl

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Not only did August 29th mean the #20yearsofgirl exhibition made an appearance at Antisocial, it was also officially proclaimed by the Office of the Mayor as “Rick Howard Appreciation Day” in Vancouver.

The following day, Rick McCrank, Cory Kennedy, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Raven Tershy, Elijah Berle, Sean Malto and Mike Mo Capaldi from the Girl and Chocolate teams did a solid demo at the Chuck Bailey skatepark in Surrey, BC. Thanks to Antosh Cimoszko, we have exclusive coverage of both events. Enjoy!


Music: “They Came In Through The Window” by Night Beats


Check out Supra Distribution’s Flickr set from the event right here, and take a look at our Art Blender archive (which includes free wallpaper downloads), featuring Girl Art Dump alumni here.

A special thanks goes out to Supra Dist. for making these events a reality.

Concrete #124: HUF Canada in LA Extras

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Our HUF Canada In L.A. headline feature can be found in Issue 124 (out now!). It includes Tyler Warren (who got his first cuv!), Zander Mitchell, Mike Fyfe, Bryan Wherry, Brett Gifford and Mike Vince. Check out our Flickr slideshow of extras (shot by Brian Caissie) and stay tuned for the video, which is dropping right here on Tuesday, April 30th.

Find more photos by checking out the trip’s official Instagram trip hastag #HUFCANADALA.

HUF gear is available in Canada through Take Five Trading.

Concrete x Tumblr

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Showing up late to the party is better than not showing up at all. Curated by our Photo Editor, Brian Caissie, Concrete is now up on Tumblr. Take a look at our past, present and future right here. Follow us!


Insta Recap: HUF Canada in LA

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

The HUF Canada team decided to skip the unsavoury Canadian winter weather by assembling down in Los Angeles from January 10-20. The crew consisted of Concrete photo editor Brian Caissie (@briancaissie), TM and teamster Bryan Wherry (@wherry101), Zander Mitchell (#freezander), Mike Fyfe (#mikefyfe), Tyler Warren (@kookfag), Brett Gifford (@brettgifford), Mike Vince (#mikevince) and filmer Dane Collison (@danecollison).

Get an idea of what went down via the official Instagram trip hastag #HUFCANADALA. Here are a few highlights…

The crew at an LA schoolyard sesh.

Zander Mitchell backsmiths an LA table.

HUF Canada captain Bryan Wherry at Josh Kalis’ favourite spot, Jkwon.

Apparently this was shot moments before Mike Vince was about to get kicked out of a spot for being white.

Brett Gifford bleeds out.

Zander Mitchell gets his pivot on.

@kevinterpening working things out at the quarry.

Van life…

HUF goods are available in Canada through Take Five Trading (@takefivetrading) Stay tuned for more content from this #HUFCANADALA trip on our site and on the pages of Concrete.

#PrettySweet Canadian Premiere Photo Set

Monday, November 19th, 2012

The highly anticipated Canadian premiere of the Girl / Chocolate video Pretty Sweet went down in Vancouver on November 17th, and it was the biggest screening this city has seen in a while. The line-up at the Vogue theatre went right down the block and around the corner with everyone knowing full-well that they were about to experience something special. And the film definitely did not disappoint. A shout-out goes to Supra Dist. for putting on a stellar event, and keep an eye out for Pretty Sweet on iTunes and Deluxe Edition DVD & Blu-Ray on November 27th.

Our photo editor Brian Caissie was on-hand snapping pics of the premiere festivities, which included special guests Guy Mariano, Justin Eldridge, Mike Mo Capaldi, Tony Ferguson and Rick McCrank. Check out our Pretty Sweet Vancouver premiere Flickr set:

2012 Leeside Halloween Jam

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Vancouver’s Leeside – one of Canada’s most famous DIY spots – hosted yet another wild Halloween jam. With the rainy sky falling, everyone crammed into the tunnel with costumes and a never ending arsenal of fireworks. The ground was wet from seepage, so Adam Hopkins and some friends took matters into their own hands by firing up the tiger torches so the skating could commence. The session was more like a mosh pit at a Slayer concert, with fireworks raging everywhere while people battled for tricks and had a blast. It was quite the sight…
Brian Caissie

Check out the snapshots Brian hooked up for our Flickr set from the Halloween Leeside jam, and stay tuned as we update this post with more visual mayhem as it becomes available.

Northeast Excursion Photo Set: Dickies Skate in Toronto

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Words and Photos by James Morley

To the delight of many Southern Ontarians, the Dickies Skate team’s Northeast Excursion (their first official tour) included a stop at Toronto’s Ashbridges Bay skate plaza on September 5th. Skaters from all around the Greater Toronto Area flocked to the park to see some awesome skating from the likes of Vincent Alvarez, Tom Remillard and Kevin Terpening. Unfortunately, Jim Greco was injured and wasn’t able to attend as planned, but Brian Delatorre was on board to take his place. The demo also featured Toronto local Brandon “Beaster” Bandula, who certainly held his own.

While many demos at Ashbridges showcase an 11-stair-huck-fest, the Dickies team took a refreshing approach to skating the park. They paid more attention to obstacles that usually see less action, such as the A-frame, the bank-to-barrier, and the quarter moon. After a solid afternoon of shredding, the good people at Dickies handed out a ton of free gear to spectators. Check out some photos from the day…

Brandon Bandula, backside noseblunt.

Vincent Alvarez, pivot fakie.

Brian Delatorre, switch wallie.

Kevin Terpening, backside kickflip.

Vincent Alvarez, heelflip.

In true Ashbridges fashion, the demo attracted the attention of the local crime-fighters. This one stuck around for a little while and some might think he was looking closely for anything suspicious, but I think he was just hoping to get a free pair of khakis.

Tom Remillard, wallie backside grab.

Brandon Bandula, nosegrind pop-in.

Vincent Alvarez, blunt bigflip.

Remembering Vancouver Island’s Jamie Collins

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

The Vancouver Island skateboard scene lost of one of its most iconic and influential skaters, Jamie Collins, on August 17th. He passed away in an unexpected cliff jumping accident on the Kennedy River while stopping for a swim with his friends on the way to his home in Tofino.

Jamie was a man of principle, high morals and somehow would always find the perfect balance of simplicity and complexity in anything he did. These amazing traits enabled him to connect and bond with people on many different levels, not only in the skateboarding realm but also in everyday life.

He had his priorities in order and would always say, “In my life family comes first, friends come second and skateboarding comes third.” In his early twenties he was passionately pursuing a professional skateboarding career while making a name for himself in the Canadian scene. However, he made the decision to put skateboarding on the back burner when his father encountered a back injury; Jamie instantly dropped everything and went back to the Collins Family Farm to help. Even though he found himself back in the small town of Port Alberni, his desire to advance in skateboarding and pursue it professionally never left. Jamie would host mini-ramp jams and demos on the farm, while also filming, shooting photos, building unique spots and putting on skateboard camps for children.

Jamie never stopped thinking about how he would make his mark in the skateboard industry. His motivation and passion created a very close knit and special scene in Port Alberni, where he started Instrumental Skateboards in 2007 alongside childhood friend and business partner Brandon Wells.

With the creation of Instrumental and his legendary personality, Jamie is directly responsible for unifying the scene up and down Vancouver Island. He has left us with an untouchable legacy and will continue to live on and spread his positive energy through the people he has influenced. We have lost an amazing son, brother, friend, mentor and skateboarder.

Rest in peace, Jamie. You will be forever missed.
—Matt MacLeod

Jamie Collins (June 1, 1979 – August 17, 2012) and his memorial pro model by Instrumental.

Frontside flip tail stall (2010) // Sproat Lake (Port Alberni, BC), at Instrumental’s Ramp Camp.

Nosegrind (2006) // Port Alberni, BC.

360 flip to fakie (2004) // Natural Koncept/Boardroom demo at the Collins Family Farm (Port Alberni, BC).

Drop-in (2005) // Port Alberni, BC.

Crooked grind (2006) // Port Alberni, BC.

Feeble stall (2010) // Ucluelet, BC.

Back tail (2009) // Vancouver, BC.

Blunt fakie (2008) // Lake Kennedy, BC.

Kickflip backside tail stall (2010) // Instrumental Ramp Camp at Sproat Lake.

A Tribute to the Life of Jamie Collins // Video by Dank Media.

Learn more about the Jamie Collins Legacy Fund right here.

2012 Photo Annual Release Party Photos

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Our 2012 Photo Annual Release Party on August 10th in Vancouver was one hell of a good time, thanks to Fortune Sound Club, InStance, Emerica, Altamont and Cariboo Brewing. Coldies and copies of the new issue were flowing heavily. Check the Photo Annual previews, and keep an eye out for it at local skateshops this week!

Check out Fortune’s photo album from that epic Friday night right here. Concrete Photo Editor Brian Caissie snapped a few pics as well:

The 2012 Annual cover (shot by Andrew Norton) has been creating quite the buzz, and rightfully so. It’s gnar! Matt Berger’s fine stuntwork silenced Jordan Mayfield.

Photo Annual contributor and guide on the annual Canadian pilgrimage to China, William Cui raised the cuv next to Altamont art directer Mark “FOS” Foster, whose art show was also happening at Fortune.

Chad Dickson and Tessa took in the festivities while Sean Lowe provided a UK middle finger.

Rory Fulber, Justin Chorney, a visiting Russ Milligan, and William Cui. Watch Russ in our Metro Vancouver Park Barge video, featuring the Think team.

Stacy Gabriel, Arte Lew (watch his recent “On The Reel” part) and Photo Annual contributor Judah Oakes.

Cariboo Brewing’s Skate TM Tyler Holm got the guns going. The beginning of the end…

Insta Recap: Birdhouse ‘Left Coast Tour’ in Vancouver

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Tony Hawk, Riley Hawk, Willy Santos, Kevin Staab, Sean Gregoire, Shawn Hale, David Loy, Clint Walker, Clive Dixon and Elliot Sloan (Aaron “Jaws” Homoki was delayed at the border) were in Vancouver on July 28th for the final stop of the massive Left Coast Tour put on by Birdhouse. If you were around to catch the demo at the Hastings bowl, you’ll definitely agree that it was the biggest turnout this city has seen in a long time. Needless to say, Tony knows how to draw a crowd.

Here are a few Instagram pics from the event. Find a ton of Insta coverage of the whole tour by visiting #leftcoasttour. Special thanks to olloclip for the iPhoneography upgrade! Watch for an exclusive Concrete video of the Vancouver stop, coming soon…

“These dudes @willysantos @staabpirate @tonyhawk. Pre demo signing @blvdskateshop.”

@skkateboarder (Kevin Kelly, owner of @blvdskateshop):
“@tonyhawk taking a break from big air for some Bel Air.”

@davidloy ollieing for the masses!”

“Capacity crowd means another Where’s Waldo pic. @tonyhawk, McTwist and shout.”

“Thanks to everyone who came out to Hastings and to @rileyhawk for coming on tour with us.”