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Past Blast Video: Soul Train

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Concrete photo editor Brian Caissie got rid of his VX1000 about 4 years ago, but stumbled upon some hard drive some seen and unseen hard drive gems spanning 2003-2010. Watch Magnus Hanson, Ryan & Scott Decenzo, Paul Trep and Ted De Gros get busy in Past Blast: Soul Train

Music: “Get Down” by Curtis Mayfield

Watch Past Blast: Chris Haslam right here.

Photo Gallery: Unseen Images by Brian Caissie

Monday, December 30th, 2013

It’s the end of the year so Concrete photo editor Brian Caissie decided to do a little hard drive clean-up. Here’s a grip of photos he shot throughout 2013 that didn’t make it into the magazine, but it certainly doesn’t mean they’re lacking in quality.

See for yourself by scrolling through the stills and sequences of Cameo Wilson, Charles Rivard, Dustin Locke, Joe Daigle, Johnny Purcell, Jordan Zazula, Josh Clark, Magnus Hanson, Matt Berger, Nate Lacoste, Skylar Kehr and Adam Hopkins.

Cameo Wilson, front feeble // Seattle, WA

Cameo Wilson, hardflip // Burnaby, BC

Charles Rivard, nosegrind // Montreal, QC

Dustin Locke, nollie flip // Vancouver, BC

Joe Daigle, crook // Quebec City, QC

Johnny Purcell, ollie // Montreal, QC

Jordan Zazula, blunt // Vancouver, BC

Josh Clark, feeble // Montreal, QC

Magnus Hanson, nollie flip // Cloverdale, BC

Matt Berger, backtail // Vancouver, BC

Nate Lacoste, tailslide // Vancouver, BC

Skylar Kehr, nosegrind // Vancouver, BC

Adam Hopkins, frontside ollie // Montreal, QC

Check out Brian Caissie’s favourite published Concrete photos from 2013, along with our favourite exclusive videos from the past year right here.

60 Seconds Or Less #2: Trep, Gabriel, Magnus & More

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

The second instalment of our 60 Seconds Or Less video series features street moves from Shay Sandiford, Paul Trep, Stacy Gabriel, Tom Nelner, Conlan Killeen, Magnus Hanson and Jason Wilson.

Filmed & Edited: Brian Caissie
Music: “Jah Love” by Bad Brains

Find our 60 Seconds… video archive right here.

Concrete 2013 Photo Annual: Out Now!

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Concrete #127 stands as our 2013 Photo Annual, and it will be available for free at skateshops across Canada starting October 14th. As you’ll see, we took a different approach with the cover, which includes a special one-off Concrete logo and title treatment created by guest designer Daniel Curtis. Enjoy a few previews of the key features in this issue…if you’re in the Vancouver area on Friday, October 11th, get your hands on an advance copy at our release party.

OFC-127 magnus02

PATIENCE AND RAIN // Cover photo & caption by Brian Caissie

The weather in Vancouver can be a real pain sometimes. While driving to this bump-to-bar it rained twice, making me think we’d definitely have to save it for another day. But MAGNUS HANSON had been here a few times before and was ready to roll away from a SWITCH KICKFLIP. After some close tries, the rain started up again and came down hard, soaking the ground and ending the session. Or so we thought. Magnus decided to wait it out for an hour-and-a-half until it was dry enough to skate again, and even then the occasional drop landed on our cameras. Right when the rain began falling heavily, he quickly ran back for one last attempt, leading to a perfect ride-away and a flurry of high fives. There’s nothing better than getting what you want thanks to a little patience and some rain.

Filmed & Edited by: Brian Caissie
Music: “Want” by The Soft Moon

Words: Dane Collison // Photos: Brian Caissie, Riley Hawk, Jon Sciano, Sebo Walker, Miles Silvas // Design: Dave Keras

What happens when young Lakai Limited Footwear riders Riley Hawk, Jon Sciano, Sebo Walker and Miles Silvas visit Vancouver for just a few days armed with disposable 35mm cameras? A visual essay depicting each of their experiences, that’s what. Oh, and Brian Caissie was on-hand to shoot skate photos with each of them, too.

Words: Frank Daniello, Deville Nunes // Photos: Deville Nunes // Design: Dave Keras

After painstakingly trying to duplicate the effects of infrared photography with Photoshop, Huntington Beach’s Deville Nunes scrapped the software approach and began getting DSLRs converted so they can shoot actual infrared photographs. In The Unseen, he explains his experience with IR photography and shares a selection of visually striking skate photos and portraits.

Words: Frank Daniello // Photos: Patrik Wallner // Design: Dave Keras

You don’t have to look much further than the Visually Traveling video channel to get a solid dose of Patrik Wallner‘s epic skate journeys to obscure destinations. Lucky for us he keeps an analog still camera handy during filming missions to places like Afghanistan, North Korea, Bulgaria, Vietnam and India. In the Photo Annual he explains his wanderlust through stills and an interview.

Photos: Brian Caissie, Nathan Ethier-Myette, James Morley, Rich Odam, Jon Coulthard // Design: Dave Keras

A high number of photo submissions poured in from within our borders and far beyond, making the selection process for this issue’s Exposure gallery challenging, to say the least. But in true keeping to our roots, we made some careful choices and kept these 12 pages strictly Canadian for your viewing pleasure.

Words: Rob Brink // Photos: Ryan Allan // Design: Dave Keras

Growing up in the Toronto area, Ryan Allan made the move to Southern California to shoot photos (amongst other things) for a number of brands – including C1RCA, adidas, Alien Workshop, Gravis, Analog and now Asphalt Yacht Club. Over the years Ryan has worked, and continues to work, with an impressive list of skateboarders. He’s also discovered much about compromise – balancing his artistic vision with the reality of paying the bills. For this feature Rob Brink unearthed large pearls of Ryan’s wisdom and observations that we’ve published alongside a selection of stand-out photographs shot in recent years.


•Issue 126 Art Blender, featuring Dennis McNett (includes free wallpaper downloads).

•Arte, Lew, Sean Lowe, Mike Campbell and Chad Dickson in the LRG Canada on Vancouver Island video and digital article.

Both Ends Of The Lens video and digital article featuring Nate Lacoste.

•Girl & Chocolate Metro Vancouver demo video and #20yearsofgirl exhibit slideshow featuring Rick McCrank, Cory Kennedy, Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Raven Tershy, Elijah Berle, Sean Malto and Mike Mo Capaldi.

•Video: The Ultimate Distribution x Concrete coverage of the Battle At Hastings IV contest in Vancouver, BC featuring Brad McClain, Cody Lockwood, Adam Hopkins, Steve Reeves, Sluggo, Mason Merlino, Charlie Blair and many more.

Issue 126 online in full.

Concrete x Cariboo Brewing Vancouver video, featuring Billy Mitchell, Mike Schulze, Sean Lowe, Clayton Uhlig, Dustin Locke, Nick Moore, Tyler Holm and Arte Lew.

A Magnus Hanson Minute

Friday, June 28th, 2013

It’s always good to see footage of C1RCA Canada rider Magnus Hanson. 116th Productions hooks up a solid minute.

Check out Mag’s Straight To Business interview in the free digital edition of Issue 116.

Tail Devil’s Night

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Concrete contributor David Ehrenreich spent a few nights scraping around Vancouver for this edit called Tail Devil’s Night. Watch Bradley Sheppard, Jordan Hoffart, Magnus Hanson, Cory Wilson, Zander Mitchell and more get sparked.

#ThrowbackThursday: C1RCA Store Wars 2012 Winners

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

When shut down on Dec.14th, so did the site’s deep archive of content. So this week’s #ThrowbackThursday post comes in the form of recovering the finalist videos from C1RCA Store Wars 2012.

Overall Winners: Axis Boutique – Laval, QC (originally posted Nov.13, 2012)

Fan Favourite: Senate Skateshop – Brandon, MB (originally posted Nov.14, 2012)

Skullcandy Best Skater – chosen by Steve Berra & Eric Koston: Magnus Hanson (originally posted Nov.15, 2012)

Watch Magnus in the Coastal Riders Store Wars 2012 entry here.

Find the full Store Wars 2012 prize breakdown right here.

Store Wars 2012: And The Winners Are…

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

We’re kicking off this week’s Store Wars 2012 announcements by mentioning that Axis Boutique in Laval, QC took the massive Overall Winner award! They put together a solid entry – get the fine details about their big win, watch their entry and find more info about the Fan Favourite Award (based on public votes and awarded to Senate Skate & Snow in Brandon, MB), and the SkullCandy Best Skater Award (judged by Eric Koston and Steve Berra) below.


Announced November 15, 2012

Watch Magnus in the Coastal Riders Store Wars entry right here.


Announced November 14, 2012


Announced November 13, 2012

Store Wars 2012 is brought to you by C1RCA,, Concrete and SkullCandy. Visit

Magnus Hanson: 5 Trick Fix

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Magnus Hanson gets things going with a little 5 Trick Fix

Check out Mag’s Straight To Business interview in Issue 116 on your desktop or mobile device here.

C1RCA x Axion Waterloo, ON Demo Footy

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

On September 2nd, there was a C1RCA x Axion demo at the park in Waterloo, ON featuring Manny Santiago, along with Canadian teamsters Magnus Hanson, John Hanlon, TJ Rogers, Koty Brown and Jon Cos. Check the footy:

Magnus Hanson & Issey Yumiba vs. The Berrics’ Phone

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Magnus Hanson picks up the iPhone at The Berrics with Issey Yumiba for a good ol’ Text Yoself Beefo Yo Wreck Yoself session. Click the image to watch it:

Quiksilver Canada Is Heading East

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Quiksilver Canada is set to embark on an Eastern Canada tour from August 23-29, featuring teamsters Jordan Hoffart, Bradley Sheppard, Magnus Hanson, Dustin Henry, Zander Mitchell, Kyle MacDonald and Pat O’Rourke (check out Quiksilver Canada’s team rider vids here).

The free BBQ will be flowing, and there’ll be best trick loot and prizes at each stop:

August 23rd / Montreal, QC
Projet 45 (directions), 7-9pm

August 26th / Ottawa, ON
Legacy skatepark (directions) 5-8pm

August  29th / Toronto, ON
Dunbat (directions), 7-9pm + mini-ramp jam

Check out last year’s tour vids:
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

Bangin! – Magnus Hanson

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

While you were recovering from your Canada Day hangover yesterday, the Berrics posted a Bangin! featuring Magnus Hanson. Click the image, you won’t regret it:

Check out our Magnus Hanson feature, Straight To Business, by flipping through the online version of Issue 116 on your cpu, iPhone and iPad.

10 Years of CSTL: Part 1

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Langley, BC’s Coastal Riders is celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2011, so they’ve sparked a video series for the occasion that explores their rich history in skateboarding and snowboarding. Part 1 provides the perspective of the teamsters, and what it means to ride for the shop. On the skate side, Magnus Hanson, Adam Fontaine and John Hanlon chime in.

Find free issues of Concrete at CSTL!

Magnus Hanson: Killer Clips

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Quiksilver Canada’s Magnus Hanson gets into his Cali park groove with the help of filmer Nigel K. Alexander. Not your average park clips, that’s for sure:

Check out Magnus’ Straight To Business interview by flipping through the digital version of Issue 116 on your cpu, iPhone and iPad. Mag’s Quiksilver Canada edit and shared LA night part with Dustin Henry are definite must-watches as well.

Quiksilver Canada’s LA Nights

Friday, May 18th, 2012

For your viewing enjoyment, Quiksilver Canada presents their latest video – LA Nights with Magnus Hanson and Dustin Henry