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Coastal Riders Has a Deathwish

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Mike “Hasbrown” Schulze is featured in this commercial promoting the new collaborative deck between our friends at Coastal Riders in Langley, BC and Deathwish (available only at CSTL).

Stay tuned for more from Hashbrown in an upcoming exclusive Concrete video.

CONCRETE x Mehrathon: Hashbrown Interview and Video

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Langley, BC’s Mike Schulze may have acquired the “Hashbrown” monicker from some BMX dudes when he was younger, but he’s accepted it and even has @whoishashbrown as his Insta handle. Check out the online version of his interview from our latest, Issue 118, by clicking the image and using the simple navigation tools.

Below that you’ll find a short Hashbrown video part (shot and cut by Jan Schuster), released in collaboration with his sponsors Deathwish, Shake Junt and Quintin via Montreal’s Mehrathon Trading.

Stay tuned for our Tuesday Toss on May 1st, featuring a package from the above brands that Hashbrown rides for. Pay attention, because you’ll have to answer a question related to both his interview and video in order to win.

CONCRETE Skateboarding Issue 116 – OUT NOW

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

WAX ON, WAX OFF // Cover photo by Brian Caissie – Caption by David Ehrenreich

Usually the peanut gallery waits until the session is over to divulge horror stories of previous attempts. But the legend of Sean Hayes’ multiple hospital visits had found its way to JAMIE MALEY by the time I arrived at the famous downtown Vancouver spot. Amongst all our preparation, no one bothered to check if the spot was waxed. Why would it be? No one waxes marble. But Jamie’s first attempt at a FRONTSIDE NOSESLIDE tipped us off. It was disastrous, and the only reasonable explanation was that a renegade Rollerblade posse unleashed their entire scented candle stash upon the ledge. It took longer to scrape off the massive Post Office out-ledge like it was a frozen car window than it did for Jamie to finish what many had started. Who’s next?

The latest Concrete Issue 116 commercial is brought to you by SpitfireC1RCA and Coastal Riders. It features Cephas Benson, Tyler O’Grady, Grant Patterson, Charles Deschamps and Jamie Maley.

Filmed by // Devin Guiney, Jordan Moss and David Ehrenreich.
Edited by // David Ehrenreich
Music // “Wanna Be ADD” from the album The Spits V (2011) by The Spits (who appear on the Concrete #116 “Sound Check” page).


Hashbrown for Cariboo Brew…

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

It started with Corey Klim, then Billy Mitchell, and now Mike “Hashbrown” Schulze is doin’ it for Metro Vancouver’s cheap and palatable Cariboo Brew. Who doesn’t want a case of coldies (wrapped with a Concrete coozie) after a long sesh? This vid (by SixOhForMedia) also provides another glimpse of the refurbished Van Plaza…

Vancouver Montage: 116th’s Nod to the VX

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Shortly after posting his Liquor Store Rail Warmups vid, David-Wayne Stevens’ (116th Productions) latest output is a sign of the times: parting ways with the ‘ol VX-1000 for some newer technology. Here he pays homage to skateboarding’s video camera of choice for so many years in a VX-driven Vancouver montage featuring Sam Hampton, Mike Ray, Dustin Locke, Jordan Repin, Sascha Daley, Mike “Hashbrown” Schulze, Scott Tyson, Tony Myshlyaev, Domenic Devries, Magnus Hanson, and Jordan Zazula. It’s killer: