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BATB IV Champion: Morgan Smith!

Monday, July 4th, 2011

After Canadian flatground connoisseur (and Concrete #106 cover guy/feature interview subject and commercial lead) Morgan Smith took out Mike Mo Capaldi in the Final Four of the Battle At The Berrics 4, he had to face a tough opponent for the Final roshambo. Boston’s PJ Ladd was ready, but Morgan had a couple advantages: he was favoured to win by notables in the crowd, and this battle actually took place on Canada Day, as host Rob Dyrdek pointed out. Ref’d by Koston and Berra, it was on…

But who emerged victorious? Yeah, that’s right… Click the image below to watch Morgan sweep a formidable U.S.-born flatground adversary in a Final that was presented to the web-masses today, on the 4th of July. Congrats, Morg!!!

Morgan Smith ‘Text Yoself’ & BATB IV Finals

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Morgan Smith handled a little Text Yoself… business at The Berrics, which undoubtedly meant “a crispy-ass tre flip” was involved, along with a “crunchy kickflip” and a past-video-part tribute to Josh Kalis. Watch for yoself by clicking the image…

As you very well know, Morgan is the last remaining Canadian hopeful in the U.S. vs Them format of Battle At The Berrics IV (that’s 4). He’ll be taking on Mike Mo Capaldi for a spot in the Finals this weekend, and as a warm-up you’ll find an edit of Morg’s BATB flatground prowess right here.

B.A.T.B. #4: Morgan vs Rodrigo TX

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Morgan Smith – the last Canadian hopeful in the “U.S. vs Them” format of the fourth Battle At The Berrics – followed up his win in a solid round against Alex Mizurov by taking on Rodrigo TX this past Saturday. We’re all familiar with Rodrigo’s consistent and heavily popped flatground game and so was Morgan, who once again built on his steady momentum at the LA indoor. Click the image to check out how their game of SKATE played out in case you missed it:

B.A.T.B. #4: Morgan vs Mizurov

Monday, May 16th, 2011

After taking out Sandoval, Morgan Smith faced a very worthy flatground adversary in Germany’s Alex Mizurov for Round 2 of Battle At The Berrics 4. On May 15th the pressure was on for Morgan, being the only remaining Canadian in the contest. But as you’ll see, he was equal to the task. Click the image for an epic battle in case you missed it…

See more from Mizurov in the Issue 102 (2009) “Strange Crew feature, and catch more Morg on the Issue 106 (2010) cover, feature interview and in this commercial.

Place Your Bets on Morgan Smith

Monday, April 4th, 2011

On Sunday, April 3rd, Reda was hoping to see a sweep of all Canadians in Battle At The Berrics 4. After Mark Appleyard and Wade Desarmo got taken out in Round 1 by Koston and Busenitz respectively, Morgan Smith was our last hope (and I’ve had my money on him since the beginning). Click the image and watch his Training Day become a factor against Zero’s Tommy Sandoval…