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Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 ⋅ by Mike ⋅ Current Issue, Features, News

NO BATTLE, NO WAR // Cover photo and caption by Rich Odam

After spending some time shooting with TJ ROGERS in Toronto last summer, he came out west to keep the ball rolling by working on some more stuff. I invited him on a trip to Vancouver Island and he didn’t wait to get busy at pretty much every spot we went to in Victoria. After the first couple days, word got around and our crew got bigger. We were rolling about 20-deep on this particular day, which kinda adds to the pressure factor because there’s a lot of eyes on you. This NOLLIE KICKFLIP didn’t come easy – he skated the spot alone while fighting the banked landing and the trick itself. “No battle, no war” is something TJ has come to understand very well. Congrats on your first cover, homie. Killing it!

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BARRIER KULT: The Range Of Propaganda / Chapter 1
As we’ve hinted on the site previously, the infamous BARRIER KULT has extended their dark Range Of Propaganda onto the pages of Concrete, and will continue to do so throughout 2011. In the first chapter, the DEPTH LEVIATHAN DWELLER sets the sinister tone by explaining the Kult’s origins and introducing it’s expanding membership. This chapter also features the first-ever BA.KU. group image to further their plague spreading initiatives.

In case you missed it, we released a short teaser promoting Sascha’s “Ghost Fighting” capabilities as well as this Issue 111 feature, which provides the full story behind  his November 2010 Color Theory part and how he cracked the Mystery roster as their latest AM.

Concrete Photo Editor and Photographer Brian Caissie is always on a mission, whether it’s close to home or on another continent. He partook in a few day trips to the birthplace of Starbucks before the winter skies fully opened up in the Pacific Northwest, and brought the likes of Sean MacAlister, Stacy Gabriel, Magnus Hanson, Ian Twa, Cory Wilson, John Hanlon and Bryan Wherry for an over-the-border run. Seattle locals Joe Andrews and Josh Anderson also make an appearance in this feature.

ALBERTA PREMIUM: The Nate Roline Interview
Edmonton, Alberta has been an exporter of top-shelf talent for generations, and Nate Roline is a prime example who’s been putting it down for C1RCA and Element for years. This premium export puts his right foot forward for a solid Concrete 8-pager.

NO PROB-LLAMA: Momentum In Peru
Momentum Wheel Co. team members Chris Haslam, Jose Rojo, Magnus Hanson and Morgan Smith, along with headed down to the land of the Incas – Lima, Peru – for an exotic trip full of skating, demos, llamas and the majestic Machu Picchu. Don’t forget to check out the teaser and trailer for the online video Yo Llama! Llama!, which hits the web on February 23rd right here and on the Momentum site.

IDENTITY: Rodney Mullen
Rodney Mullen needs no introduction. However, we let Chris Haslam write one anyway and provided some extra room to welcome Rodney’s in-depth responses. Check out our first 2-page Identity with the living legend who invented many of the flip tricks you do today.

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