Battle At Hastings IV: Ultimate x Concrete Video Recap

Thursday, September 5th, 2013 ⋅ by Mike ⋅ Contests, Events, Videos

The Battle At Hastings IV went down at Vancouver‘s world-famous Hastings Bowl on August 31st, and an epic battle it was! Being World Cup sanctioned for the first time, the event attracted a gang of special guests who skated hard alongside the locals for a $15,000 prize purse. Guys like Elijah Berle, Cody Lockwood, Mason Merlino, Brad McClain, Charlie Blair, Rob “Sluggo” Boyce, Rick McCrank, Sky Siljeg, Steven Reeves, Danny Tumia and many more (including MC Jason Bothe and DJ Vinyl Ritchie) kept the crowd hyped and the coldies crackin’ all day.

Special thanks to BLVD Skateshop for organizing #BAH4. Check out the Ultimate Distribution x Concrete video recap, and you’ll find the official results below.

Filmed by: Sheldon Barr, Kolby Harris, Ethan Miller, Zenga Bros, Chris Johnson.
Edited by: Kolby Harris
Music: “’68 Camaro” by Black Bombaim

1. Brad McClain (81.75)  $6,000
2. Cody Lockwood (73.95) $3,000
3. James Clarke (72.1) $1,500
4. Adam Hopkins (67.85) $1,000
5. Steve Reeves (67.5) $600
6. Rob “Sluggo” Boyce (64.85) $300
7. Sky Silej (57.8) $250
8. Frank Shaw (57.5) $250
9. Riley Boland (57.1)
10. Rick McCrank  (39.2)

$2,000 in Best Trick loot was given away on obstacles provided by Supra Distribution and Ultimate Distribution and Concrete. BC MEA donated $1000 for a winner-take-all Best Trick (which Charlie Blair won) over the volcano hip that the late Josh Evin used to rip like no other.

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