Remembering Vancouver Island’s Jamie Collins

Thursday, August 30th, 2012 ⋅ by Mike ⋅ Features, News

The Vancouver Island skateboard scene lost of one of its most iconic and influential skaters, Jamie Collins, on August 17th. He passed away in an unexpected cliff jumping accident on the Kennedy River while stopping for a swim with his friends on the way to his home in Tofino.

Jamie was a man of principle, high morals and somehow would always find the perfect balance of simplicity and complexity in anything he did. These amazing traits enabled him to connect and bond with people on many different levels, not only in the skateboarding realm but also in everyday life.

He had his priorities in order and would always say, “In my life family comes first, friends come second and skateboarding comes third.” In his early twenties he was passionately pursuing a professional skateboarding career while making a name for himself in the Canadian scene. However, he made the decision to put skateboarding on the back burner when his father encountered a back injury; Jamie instantly dropped everything and went back to the Collins Family Farm to help. Even though he found himself back in the small town of Port Alberni, his desire to advance in skateboarding and pursue it professionally never left. Jamie would host mini-ramp jams and demos on the farm, while also filming, shooting photos, building unique spots and putting on skateboard camps for children.

Jamie never stopped thinking about how he would make his mark in the skateboard industry. His motivation and passion created a very close knit and special scene in Port Alberni, where he started Instrumental Skateboards in 2007 alongside childhood friend and business partner Brandon Wells.

With the creation of Instrumental and his legendary personality, Jamie is directly responsible for unifying the scene up and down Vancouver Island. He has left us with an untouchable legacy and will continue to live on and spread his positive energy through the people he has influenced. We have lost an amazing son, brother, friend, mentor and skateboarder.

Rest in peace, Jamie. You will be forever missed.
—Matt MacLeod

Jamie Collins (June 1, 1979 – August 17, 2012) and his memorial pro model by Instrumental.

Frontside flip tail stall (2010) // Sproat Lake (Port Alberni, BC), at Instrumental’s Ramp Camp.

Nosegrind (2006) // Port Alberni, BC.

360 flip to fakie (2004) // Natural Koncept/Boardroom demo at the Collins Family Farm (Port Alberni, BC).

Drop-in (2005) // Port Alberni, BC.

Crooked grind (2006) // Port Alberni, BC.

Feeble stall (2010) // Ucluelet, BC.

Back tail (2009) // Vancouver, BC.

Blunt fakie (2008) // Lake Kennedy, BC.

Kickflip backside tail stall (2010) // Instrumental Ramp Camp at Sproat Lake.

A Tribute to the Life of Jamie Collins // Video by Dank Media.

Learn more about the Jamie Collins Legacy Fund right here.

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7 Responses to “Remembering Vancouver Island’s Jamie Collins”

  1. Andrew Russell says:

    R.I.P dear friend, i already miss you

  2. ian says:


  3. Jes says:

    dearly dearly missed. the king of port alberni skateboarding.

  4. VancouverIsland says:

    Legends never die, Vancouver Island was blessed to call Jamie one of our own! Shred on bro and rest in peace!

  5. Jordie says:

    Miss you man, you gave me a lot of confidence back in the day at the ol’ park. If you got frustrated with a trick you’d keep pushing until you landed it. Instead of telling the younger guys to get out of the way you applauded them for givin’ er. It’s too bad I’ve been away so long. Would have loved to crush a few more Luckys with you. Rest in peace knowing you left a positive mark on a lot of people’s lives.

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