Concrete Skateboarding issue 102

Monday, September 21st, 2009 ⋅ by Mike ⋅ Features


Manning Up

cover photo and caption Shane Hutton

Hilliard Sulpher skates rails from time-to-time, but rails this big aren’t his usual deal. I could tell he was a little shook because he killed himself on the first couple of tries, and even sacked on one attempt – you could see the fear in his eyes. The first time he stood up on this backside 50-50, however, he just manned-up and decided to hold on for dear life. The look on his face was priceless when he rode away clean. This is my first cover shot and Hill’s first cover, so I’m hyped I didn’t blow it – there’s no way I would’ve been able to talk him into doing it again.


Mark Delong, backside 50-50 photo Jeff Delong

The Late Rush

words Nick Shinner

There is an apocalyptic sense of skate-desperation in the air after August winds down and September supplies us with the last solid post-summer fling. “I can’t believe it’s already the end of summer,” seemed to be a consistent phrase in August – that particular page on the calendar had a collage of scribbles on all 31 date-squares for contests, demos, video premieres, art-shows, after parties, BBQ jams at the local park, and what have you. Much like every time we come to the finish line when producing an issue of Concrete, this particular time of year is crunch time for most Canadian skateboarders. A landscape re-freeze inevitably lies ahead should we choose not to flee towards warmer global frontiers.

This late skate-rush means that those who’ve tirelessly dedicated the summer months to as many good times on the rolling axe as humanly possible are feeling particularly improved and confident in the trickery department. This is crucial momentum to carry any Canadian wood-wheeler into the – ahem! – winter world of masonite dust, transit tunnel security dodging, and the always pleasant parkade-produced black snot.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There’s still time, and Concrete #102 is here to help keep the bearings lubed and the urethane in motion. We warm it up by IDing Tiltmoder Jose Rojo [p.18] before deciding it best to approach a Mark Appleyard feature by not actually speaking with Mark at all. His friends and acquaintances from over the years generously chimed in on all things Appleyard, and if Todd Bratrud’s opening spread doesn’t butter your big-ass biscuit, please check your pulse [p.28]. Hilliard Sulpher, a proud and hairy-footed Colonel from Windsor, bags his first cover/feature interview in a Canadian skate mag [p.44], and a Strange Crew of Osiris Yanks joined their up-north teamsters to get some skating done and roll some ankles across Ontario and Quebec [p.54]. Although a bit of hard luck meant the Kitsch and Folio teams never made it down to Portland, they were saved by the likes of Garfield and The Kyles in Seattle [p.66]. We’ve also got a sweet dose of Sequential Evidence – a photo gallery of cases that would easily be deemed “open-and-shut” by a CSI squad [p.76]. For good measure, I’ll just go ahead and throw the fact that Sierra Fellers joined us for The Five Spot [p.102].

We’re not your part-time brothers. We’re giving you free skate pages year-round. Take a look, then get out there – the post-summer rush is on.

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  2. mom says:

    He’s a great skater and a great kid. What took you so long for a feature?

  3. Rhett says:

    Man, that is SICK way to go dude. BEASTY rail! and with appleyards name on the cover with u! You’re going platinum baby! Big life starts now!

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  5. wow, nice. Nothing better than a 110% commit. Big ups!

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