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Friday, May 18th, 2012 ⋅ by Mike ⋅ Features, Videos

Curated and Written by David Ehrenreich (as seen in Issue 118)

The sheer amount of skating popping up online this winter was astonishing. One amazing video would come out and the next week we’d forget when it was replaced with another. It’s a testament to the constant progression. And now that warmer, longer days are here, hopefully we can help you spend your online time wisely so you can be out filming, giving us all something to look at when winter rolls around again.

Chris Wardle is an editor/videographer who lives in Toronto. Between doing work for local real estate companies, music videos, Canadian horror movies and fashion shoots, Chris’ after-work project has been in skateboarding. Sometimes an impressive list of credentials doesn’t add up to an entertaining video, but Chris hasn’t forgotten the tried-and-true rules of the independent project: simple, packed with quality moves and a good sense of humour. He did, on the other hand, give himself first part, but the rails he conquered are so hilarious and gnarly I think any viewer can let that faux pas slide. Other highlights include Jeff Folgmann’s brutal, unexpected backflip, and Phil McKnight’s handsome mix of tech-savvy shredding, and a complete Gonzo rail assault. My absolute favourite trick in the video is Phil’s switch nose manny right at the 32:39 mark, making TD3 worth watching straight through to get there.

Click the jump for reviews and embeds of the Android phone odyssey Droido / 5Boro’s Join, Or Die / Quiksilver Canada’s Vimeo Channel

So the VX has turned to dust in hand, but you’re not sold on the DSLR; the GoPro was grinded right off your trucks attempting to get your ESPN on, and that massive HD fisheye was tempting, but a car and three months rent was more appealing. Feeling this way is common, so the go-to solution is capturing that movie magic on the phone. It’s less intrusive than pointing a real camera in someone’s face, and easy to pull out during hairy situations. Also, poaching tricks is simple since filmers don’t tend to take that little phone seriously. Peter Vlad’s Droido has all this caught on an Android, and 45 minutes of it. There’s good skating, skits, parodies, parts, almost the entire Roger team, and a mile-long list of cameos from Jamie Thomas to David Gravette. It’s the most extensive and entertaining cell phone video I’ve seen to date.

Is it possible that 5Boro is finally getting the following and maybe even the monetary success that it deserves? It’s the NYC brand that kids don’t seem to know much about but is respected by everyone 20 and older. This is the company/family that first hooked up Aaron Suski, Luis Tolentino and Brandon Westgate, only to approve them leaving for greener financial pastures. Excluding owner Steve Rodriguez’ unfortunate appearance as a judge in this year’s horrendous One In A Million New York contest, he’s dedicated his life in a positive way to skateboarding. 5Boro will never garner Street League cash, but it sure will make a damn good video time and time again. Its newest, Join, or Die is obviously amazing and leaves you inspired to make the best of your local spot, all the while pretending that cornfield in the background is Manhattan.

With a reinvigorated skate program, Quiksilver Canada has followed the lead of its southern conglomerate and launched into the world of online skate videos. The north-of-the-border team is not only good on the board, but interesting to watch, and the ever-growing Vimeo channel boasts summer tour sections and quality parts. The first to be seen was traveling Vancouverite Torey Goodall, BC-grown California pro Jordan Hoffart, Calgary’s Dustin Henry and Zander Mitchell from the far East. Then, in rapid succession, Magnus Hanson and Cory Wilson released full sections, seemingly out of thin air, that spoke volumes about the revival of downtown Vancouver spots. Shortly after, Torey’s former Board Kennel business partner Bradley Sheppard did some serious spot searching for his part. Each video is well shot, well edited and seem to be coming out at break-neck speed. Quik’s threads are looking good, too. So check the link and get lost in some local cruisin’.

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