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Issue 118, our second of the 2012 publishing season, will begin making its way into skateshops across Canada on April 16th (available for free, of course), and it serves as our second Interview Issue (the first one dropped in 2008). There’s a lot to peruse in this one, but for now check out the latest cover followed by previews from our 5 feature interviews after the jump…

THE HAT TRICK // Cover photo and caption by Mikendo

From an American’s perspective (and one who knows nothing about hockey), I wasn’t exactly sure what “hat trick” meant at first. Sounds like a magic trick to me. And if you think about it, skateboarding is kinda like magic. Take this NOLLIE FLIP, for example. RYAN DECENZO had to blast off a skinny ledge and into a bank that’s about two storeys tall and steeper than a double black diamond. If that’s not magical, I don’t know what is. But let’s go back to the hat trick. This is Ryan’s third Concrete cover [he joins Jon West, Max Dufour, Ryan Smith, Corey Sheppard, Alex Chalmers, Paul Machnau and Chris Haslam in reaching that benchmark], and with his professional status in overdrive, a TransWorld part under his belt and a pro model Globe shoe on the way, Ryan is truly a goddamn magician.

The latest Concrete commercial promoting Issue 118, The Interview Issue, is brought to you by Vans, Spitfire and SK8MAFIA. The video features Ethan Kilgour, Jon Cosentino, Jamie Maley and Ryan Decenzo.

Filmed by // Eric Lindsay, Steve Rothwell, Brian Caissie and Mikendo.
Edited by // David Ehrenreich
Music // “Peso” from LiveLoveA$AP (2011) by A$AP Rocky, who appears on the Issue 118 “Sound Check” page (download the LiveLoveA$AP mixtape right here).

JON COS grew up honing his skills at CBMK Skatepark in Mississauga, ON. So we found it only fitting that the park’s owner, Brett Keon, grilled the taffy-fuelled 17-year-old about being an amateur YouTube star, using chest hair as valid ID in the States and much more. Visually, we let you in on a little secret: Jon has more going on than just a killer hardflip.

Langley, BC’s MIKE SCHULZE may have acquired the “Hashbrown” monicker from some BMX dudes when he was younger, but he’s accepted it and even has @whoishashbrown as his Insta handle. After sharing some skate flicks and cell phone pics from Mexico City in our December 2011 issue, Mike is back in the fold. And on April 24th you’ll find a short video here on the site, released in collaboration with his sponsor, Mehrathon Trading.

Apparently one name for it is Lunchbucket City, but it’s mostly referred to as Hamilton, ON. That’s where ETHAN KILGOUR is from, although he can also be found skating the streets of San Francisco. Ethan is creative with both his skateboarding and art, so after a couple of enthusiastic notes mentioning he’d be “super stoked to contribute some doodles,” we steered him into the direction of “framing” some elements in his interview when he wasn’t busy doing yoga with 60-year-old ladies.

Where do we begin with Mission, BC-to-Vancouver transplant, JAMIE MALEY? Well, getting the cover of Issue 116 was a solid start. He’s the proud owner of a 1982 Caddy Coupe de Ville, a willing participant when the ink comes out for a stick ‘n’ poke sesh, and leads Mount Zeus – his fictitious and fantastical metal band. Jamie is someone who exudes infectious levels of positivity and shred-stoke, making him a magnet for all sorts of interesting situations as you’ll soon find out.

RYAN DECENZO not only nabbed his third Concrete cover this issue, but he also nailed the headline feature. He has proven himself in Canada, while also gaining respect from the ground-up for his high skill level in the tough-to-crack nut that is the State-side of the industry. Big stage contest wins? High profile video exposure and mag coverage? Ryan does it all gimmick-free, as the title implies, while progressing like the 100% skate rat he’s always been.


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