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Friday, March 16th, 2012 ⋅ by Mike ⋅ Features, Videos

Curated and Written by David Ehrenreich (as seen in Issue 117)

A year ago the general consensus in the skate world was that Emerica’s Stay Gold might be skateboarding’s last big production, and that web videos would crush the full-length format. Maybe the budgets for exotic international filming missions have diminished, but the people have found a way and amazing videos keep pouring out…

More so than anyone else over the last couple years, Jason Hernandez has been known for converting even the most diehard hard VX fans to HD. He helped launch dolly tracks and GoPros into the skateboard filmer’s repertoire then stopped using them, even before they were played out. He’s used emerging technology to make skating look great, not to gloat and show it off. Long story short, the ever-impressive Hernandez released yet another entertaining, fast-paced and well-shot skateboard video for Nike SB. This one happens to star, most notably, SOTY Grant Taylor and Stefan Janoski. These two are great subjects for any videographer, considering most of us would watch upside-down Blackberry footage of them filmed by my mom. This one’s an iTunes purchase that’s well worth the $4.99, and Wieger Van Wageningen’s part gets my vote for Best Song In A 2011 Video Part with David Bowie’s “Big Brother.”

Click the jump for reviews and embeds from Chicken Bone Nowison / Poisonous Products / 116th Productions’ YouTube Channel

Dustin Dollin is one of the most entertaining skateboarders of all time. I read an interview where he credits recklessness for his success in skateboarding; despite an undeniable level of skill, I think he’s right. Dustin’s complete lack of regard concerning bodily harm makes him spontaneous and amazing to watch in Shake Junt’s latest offering. My second-favourite section features Justin “Figgy” Figueroa and Don “Nuge” Nguyen skating fast to rock ‘n’ roll. Third favourite part goes to Reynolds and Herman, who skate to UGK’s “International Players Anthem,” which is awesome. You get where this is going—Shake Junt made an hour-long video, and all your favourite Baker and Deathwish heads are represented. It’s another gift to skateboarding from the guys who almost lost it all to drugs but spun a 180 and made some of the best skateboard videos of the last 10 years.

POISONOUS PRODUCTS (Joseph Delgado’s part featured above)
As the story goes, weeks after finishing his previous video in 2010, Elephant Direct, Jeremy Elkin relocated to the Big Apple from his home in Montreal. He immediately began production on another independent video, Poisonous Products, named after the 1992 track released on Boogie Down Productions’ Sex and Violence album. Whether or not Jeremy’s concept was clear from the start, the project became an ambitious undertaking: all lines, all New York, all set to New York hip-hop recorded off vinyl. Lucky for us, his self-enforced constraints have once again created an absolute gem that showcases East Coast legends: Bobby Worrest and Jimmy McDonald to Dan Pensyl and German Nieves. The flow and edit is so quick that no one is highlighted specifically except for the city and its streets. You’ll want a hard copy of this video, and you can purchase it here.

David-Wayne Stevens has been documenting the rise of Lower Mainland skaters from Surrey, North Delta and beyond for years, and he recently enlisted Ethan Craig as a 116th Productions contributor. A quick peruse through the YouTube channel will turn up heavy-hitters: Magnus Hanson, Mike “Hashbrown” Schulze, Sascha Daley, Paul Machnau [see more of him in The Bangkok Experience feature and video], the Decenzo brothers, and John Hanlon. David was also the man behind the lens for Coastal Riders’ winning entry in the 2010 C1RCA Store Wars video contest. The CSTL crew got custom shoes out of the deal, and David was outfitted with $5,000 worth of the latest-and-greatest from the camera gear department. Now he’s tasked with keeping it safe out in the mean streets of Surrey, BC.

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