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WAX ON, WAX OFF // Cover photo by Brian Caissie – Caption by David Ehrenreich

Usually the peanut gallery waits until the session is over to divulge horror stories of previous attempts. But the legend of Sean Hayes’ multiple hospital visits had found its way to JAMIE MALEY by the time I arrived at the famous downtown Vancouver spot. Amongst all our preparation, no one bothered to check if the spot was waxed. Why would it be? No one waxes marble. But Jamie’s first attempt at a FRONTSIDE NOSESLIDE tipped us off. It was disastrous, and the only reasonable explanation was that a renegade Rollerblade posse unleashed their entire scented candle stash upon the ledge. It took longer to scrape off the massive Post Office out-ledge like it was a frozen car window than it did for Jamie to finish what many had started. Who’s next?

The latest Concrete Issue 116 commercial is brought to you by SpitfireC1RCA and Coastal Riders. It features Cephas Benson, Tyler O’Grady, Grant Patterson, Charles Deschamps and Jamie Maley.

Filmed by // Devin Guiney, Jordan Moss and David Ehrenreich.
Edited by // David Ehrenreich
Music // “Wanna Be ADD” from the album The Spits V (2011) by The Spits (who appear on the Concrete #116 “Sound Check” page).

DETROIT with Red Star
The abysmal U.S. economy is more than evident in Michigan’s Motor City, where certain areas seem like they’re remnants of the Apocalypse. But there’s hope. In just 72 hours, Paul Machnau, Grant Patterson, Chad Dickson, Cephas Benson and Tyler O’Grady from Red Star discover that there’s more than meets the eye in Detroit Rock City.

It’s been a while since Surrey, BC’s Magnus Hanson had a feature interview in a Canadian mag. He’s fairly particular about what he puts out there, but after picking up Element Canada as a sponsor and releasing a solid Quiksilver Canada video part, Magnus was ready to fire up these pages for the masses. No filler, no fluff. Just straight up skating.

BARRIER KULT: The Range Of Propaganda / Chapter 5
The BA.KU. is at it again in the latest chapter in the Range Of Propaganda series, and this time the violent worship of abrupt and dark transitions is two-fold. An “Anonymous Kultist” penned the tale of both the Depth Leviathan Dweller and Statue Of The Black Crow. Catastrophe-causing air and ocean creatures, along with an assortment of other grating truths play a part in this mind-bending chapter.

BOTH ENDS OF THE LENS featuring Mike “Hashbrown” Schulze
Hashbrown will be the first to tell you he’s not well-travelled, but he did manage to turn a “winter sucks” complaint into a full-tilt travel experience to the great Spanish-speaking metropolis of Mexico City. With eye-opening experiences abound, Hashbrown was sure to snap a few visual momentos using his trusty cell phone cam so he could share them with us, while his on-board moves were caught by photographer Rich Odam.

LRG visits Canada
Ontario, Quebec, skateparks, street spots, Cee-lo, casinos, the Baha Men, DJ Assault, Billy Marks, Chico Brenes, Tommy Sandoval, Jack Curtin, Rob Gonzalez, Judah Oakes and Timebomb Trading are all wrapped up in this 8-pager that explores LRG‘s Up North Trip from a different perspective. It was a journey this crew (and their wallets) won’t soon forget.

CHARLES DESCHAMPS & Co. in Barcelona
“Charles The Champ,” along with Will Cristofaro, lil’ Bobby De Keyzer and Jordan Moss from the Slub Bucks camp headed to Barcy for one last filming push to pad the project’s Final Cut timeline. Photographers Sam Fidlin and James Morley captured the moments of triumph, but as Charles recounts in this tale – the road leading to victory is indeed a strange and twisted one.

Take a closer look at all this and much more by picking up Concrete #116, which will be available in skateshops across Canada on December 12th. Stay tuned for the all the extras here at To tide you over, cruise the digital archives for back-issues and catch all of our exclusive vids on CONCRETE TV.

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