Bangkok or Bust – Part 2

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011 ⋅ by Mike ⋅ Features

Winding down this trip to Bangkok makes us realize how crazy it really was. You can get a lot in 2 weeks with a small crew, especially when Chris Haslam and Paul Machnau are involved. We plan on seeing Thailand’s countryside during the last few days. The heat got the best of us at times, but we’re sure having a great trip. Here are a few more photos for now, until we get back to the cold of a Canadian winter…
—Brian Caissie

Paul Machnau, frontside 180 to switch crook.

Take a look back at Part 1, and hit the jump to check out the rest of Brian Caissie’s photo update from Bangkok…

Chris Haslam chills at a spot with a bag of ice on his head. It reached 44 Celsius in the sun!

Jordan Mayfield and Haslam asking a Japanese guy to translate something into Thai so a Thai person can translate it into English. It was an interesting day.

These massive Dragons roam in the parks and alleys and are very dangerous. Mayfield risks it while locals look and think: “Crazy tourist.” If the Dragon bites you it takes about a week to die from their vemomous spit.

Haslam crooks around a smooth marble ledge.

Buddhism is huge here, and many practice it daily. We walked into a temple and saw these monks praying.

Traffic here is nuts, there’s just too many people. Sometimes it’s quicker to walk. But the taxis all have AC, so it’s better to taxi.

I thought this was illegal but there are a lot of restaurants that still sell shark fin soup in Bangkok.

Because of the flooding going on in Thailand, every storefront is covered with sandbags in case the waters rise.

Haslam ollies up to a quick and flood-free gap to lipslide.

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