Bangkok or Bust – Part 1

Monday, November 28th, 2011 ⋅ by Mike ⋅ Features

Who goes to a natural disaster zone to skate? Apparently we do in order to avoid the Canadian winter. Our crew is small – Chris Haslam and Paul Machnau, along with Paul’s brother Cam and Jordan Mayfield to film. There have been a few problems; mainly 43-degree heat with 80% humidity and Thailand’s worst flood in 50 years. But there’s a lot of spots in Bangkok that are dry and the heat keeps us stretched. We’ll see what we can come up with in 2 weeks.
—Brian Caissie

Paul Machnau switch kickflips a perfect Thai double-set.

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Our first few days we had no guide, which made it impossible to find anything. We got lost a bunch of times, and without speaking Thai our cabs got lost as well. Here Britt and Paul are dealing with a street map for a city that holds over 10 million people.

Our hotel is pretty nuts. We rented the Penthouse suite, which has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 kitchens. Our patio is big enough to hold games of skate as well.

As many people know, the night life here can get crazy. We hit the club that The Hangover Part II was filmed in, and realized it’s the same in real life. The streets are wild with clubs called Super Pussy, and many more…

Chris Haslam mid-line with a fakie crooked grind pop out at the university, only days before it was completely flooded.

Haslam vs. Mayfield paddle battle in the Penthouse.

With a scorching heat in the high 40’s, the pool is a must to start the day off.

Mayfield and Haslam witness some canine passion.

Machnau pops a high crooked grind from flat at one of the many Buddhist temples here.

The view of Bangkok from our balcony is nice to wake up to. Stay tuned for more photos from the trip in Part 2…

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