Go Skateboarding Day

Monday, June 22nd, 2009 ⋅ by Mike ⋅ Features


Vancouver / June 21, 2009

Words/Photos: Matt MacLeod

Go Skateboarding Day in Vancouver was simply amazing. On this day skateboarders from all over British Columbia united downtown to take over the city and do what we love freely. This year had one of its largest turnouts with about 2500 skaters! Also, the whole Emerica team was here for Emerica’s Wild in The Streets to help with the take over of the city.

The day started at the skate plaza at Union and Quebec around 1pm. The plaza was fully packed with people and a huge crowd formed around the brick banks to watch a sesh go down over the flat top of the brick bank to drop. Jamie Tancowny threw down a huge backside flip and Andrew Reynolds landed a perfect frontside flip. They both had to be popping at least ten feet out of the banks and had the crowd raging.


Next, the mob cruised over to Hot Spot. There were so many people crowded around the 5 block it was insane, and kids were even climbing up the huge baseball diamond fence to get a good view! The 5 block wasn’t very forgiving and only a couple people got their tricks. After that, everyone headed for a short walk over to the C-ledge at Hot Spot. Once that heated up and cooled down, everyone quickly made their way to Victory Square. The 8-set and double set were skated for a bit, and money was tossed out by bullhorn MC, Cyrus Thiedeke. The next spot barged was one of the most epic stops of the day—the infamous Black Ice double set. After a couple ollies from Reynolds, he stomped an amazing frontside flip. The roar from the mob was so loud you could feel yourself vibrating!




While everyone was still in awe, they skated over to New Spot. Just as the session over the rail began, it started to rain. But Mother Nature must have been stoked on us because it stopped shortly after. Since there was rain threat, CIBC was skipped and everyone headed up to Georgia Street to get ready to take over the viaduct. Just before the mob was unleashed, everyone put they’re boards up in the air and let out a yell before they let loose on Georgia. At that moment, being a skateboarder never felt so incredible! When you’re skating over the Viaduct and blocking the flow of traffic on such a busy Vancouver street, you can’t help but think to yourself and laugh at how many people were pissed off at us at that exact moment. It was one of the greatest experiences a skater could have!


Strathcona skatepark was the last sesh of the day. It was a little hectic with everyone skating such a small park, but there were no major injuries. 1000 hot dogs were BBQ’d up and sold by donation, while the Red Bull truck was pumpin’ beats. Go Skate Day in Van was astonishing! Thank you to the Emerica team for coming to the city, and to every single skater who came out and took part in Wild in the Streets!

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