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Wanderlust // Cover photo and caption by Brian Caissie

The impulse to explore the world is known as wanderlust, which is what brought 16 of us to China this year. While traveling through Guangzhou in two vans, we ended getting separated at a university. So we wandered around looking for the other group and saw this red ribbon sculpture in the distance. In my opinion this spot was the best of the trip, with transitions of varying heights, smooth metal, and it looked like it had never been skated before. We immediately set up our cameras fearing a quick kick-out, and I knew by everyone’s excitement that a good photo was happening. At first I was satisfied with the huge ollie to fakie CORY WILSON did, and I actually packed up my gear thinking it was over. Even with a nagging injury, he spun this massive 360 FLIP TO FAKIE as the last trick on a perfect afternoon.

Check out Cory’s cover in motion, along with more  Issue 113 previews after the jump…

Sequence: Brian Caissie

PORTUGAL: The Recollection
What happens when experienced Portugal skate-vacationers Kevin Lowry and Russ Milligan put their minds together? Well, they plan another trip to Portugal. But this time they brought San Francisco’s Josh Matthews, along with visual documentation experts Dan Zaslavsky and Justin Carlson. Lowry lets us in on an adventure in culinary experimentation, a “dry” football (soccer) match, a well-attended costume party and more. (*Click here to watch the exclusive Portugal video.)

BARRIER KULT: The Range Of Propaganda / Chapter 3
BA.KU. never sleeps, especially Crusade Templar Horse Skeleton. Landing on the western shores of the Americas in a discarded Templar coffin, this Kultist is the latest subject in our Range Of Propaganda series written by the Depth Leviathan Dweller. There’s much evil to be discovered when it comes to the abrupt transition phantom that is C.T.H.S.

SLUB BUCKS: Suburban Rippers Revealed
There’s much more to the ‘burbs than buzzing mowers and weed-whackers, fresh squeezed lemonade and hand-pressed burgs charring on the ‘Q. Amongst all the leisure and lawn-care there’s an army of restless skateboarders looking to go for broke. And the cause in this case? Slub Bucks – a largely Southern Ontario-based video project showcasing the suburban talents of TJ Rogers, Bobby DeKeyzer, Jesse Mullins, Brandon “Beaster” Bandula, Mitch Donovan, Brandon Del Bianco, Will Marshall, Charles Deschamps and Will CristofaroJordan Moss and Wade Power are behind the late summer release, and provide some insight in this 8-pager.

Toronto’s Paul Liliani has very much been on Canadian skateboarding’s radar as of late, not to mention his ability to turn heads and make moves down south. Supra Distribution TM Dane Collison sat down with Paul to grill him about things like choosing to sleep in a car, representing 2 skateshops and, well, working towards a proud coming-of-age moment – his first and only blackout.

L.A. SCHOOLYARDS: Photo Feature
As a twist on our “Exposure” galleries that boast a selection of fine skateboarding images from across Canada, Rich Odam headed down to the Los Angeles area to photograph some Canucks (Bobby DeKeyzer, Hayden Kelly, Andrew Classon and Will Marshall) in a few of the many fortified-for-the-weekend schoolyards that dot the landscape.

CHINA: The Full Report
Ah yes, China. If you paid any attention to Concrete photo editor Brian Caissie’s “China Report” blog posts during the month-long adventure to Shenzhen and Guangzhou earlier this year, you’d get a solid idea that things are quite different in the Far East. Caissie, along with Corey Klim, Evan Bourque, AJ McCallister, Will Blakley, Derek Swaim, Justin Allain, Nick Moore, and cover bro Cory Wilson share their stories of culture shock, being a spectacle, and skateboard trickery in this 14-page title feature.

Check it all out by picking up Concrete #113 for free at skateshops across Canada, and stay tuned for the extras here at

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