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Dustin Locke for Es

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Es Canada rider Dustin Locke puts down a few lines at the Vancouver Plaza in this video from David Stevens, who’s working on a full-length video, Still Rollin’ 2, which will feature Dustin and many more heads.

Peter Sullivan Skate Part

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

The crew at Supra Distribution put this video together of their bossman, the late Peter Sullivan, filled with vintage footage from around Vancouver in the ’80s and ’90s. Get sparked!

Van Doren Invitational 2015 Photos

Monday, July 13th, 2015

001_CoryFSAaltCory Juneau is a little dude with a lot of power. FSA off a spine-y hip and into a pocket.

003_RileyStevens2Riley Stevens, too fast(plant) for love and a hella-stale fish.

004_JohnGardner2John Garnder came all the way from New Jersey to grind a sand dune and bone out FSAs.

005_RileyBMXtransferRiley Boland was blasting this long and high transfer across and over the spine.

006_PatrickAndBordenPatrick Ryan tucks it safely into the deep end while Josh Borden snatches a tail into the pocket.

010_JamesChickenJames Clarke tucking a chicken wing in the deep.

011_ChrisOllieAndInvertChris Russell is a powerhouse right side up or upside down.

012_SteveINThe man, Steve Van Doren.

013_SteveOutIt’s a family affair.

014_ToddChoosingTodd Francis lines them up for his show at Antisocial.

015_YoonKiToddYoon-ki and Todd make it a semi-permanent install to avoid the drunken domino effect later.

016_SocShowHeads on the outside, balloons and slurpees on the inside.

017_DryRenee Renee and a ton of other volunteers dry the park for one of three times on Saturday.

018_DryNo time for slippin’.

005_CoryFSACory Juneau going frontside again. I just couldn’t get enough of watching this kid hang in the air.

019_SorgenteWhile many ripped, every time Alex Sorgente rolled in you knew it was his contest to lose.

020_Tristan2Props to Tristan Rennie on being the only contest skater that I saw get in the bowl to help dry it. Backside over the hip and then back out frontside with a truck bash for good measure.

021_Adam2Son of a beach, Adam Hopkins.

022_ChrisGapI thought Chris Russell was going to be the guy pulling it, going the other way, so I set up here…

023_DaltonGapLo and behold, Dalton Dern held onto this dangler as soon as the $1300 was put on the line.

024_DDRRhug$1300 and a hug from Renne Renne.

025_ConlanCleanSomebody’s got to clean the place up. The crew wants to skate tomorrow! Conlan Killeen.

026_SVDspeakSVD on the mic.

027_Cory2ndCory Juneau, all smiles for 2nd place. Fortune, here he comes!

028_SorgenteWinWhen life gives you Mayfield’s lemons…Sorgente with another fat cheque and guitar.

Words and photos by Jeff Thorburn

Rest in Peace, Peter Sullivan

Thursday, July 9th, 2015


“It’s been said that, in the end, we all die in the middle of a story. Some of us in the middle of of many stories. In the case of Peter Martin Sullivan, many many stories.

I’m not sure when Peter got in his mini truck and drove to California from Vancouver in 1993 that he had a plan. But he was constantly making one. All he ever said to me everyday in that tiny hot Glendale warehouse was “I can do whatever needs to get done”. And he could and he did. And he never stopped doing that. He continued to get stuff done and get it done better than it had been before. His business success was testament to how hard he worked and how well he did things. He was constant progress, his story always getting bigger and more interesting.

He was humble and he liked constantly learning. He loved his friends and was incredibly loyal to all of us.

He loved his family deeply and never stopped talking about what a good home Louise, his wife had made for he and his three children, Sofia, Miles and Owen. He was thrilled to tell stories of any adventures the five of them shared.

I only heard him speak of being frustrated and defeated one time. It was about three weeks ago and it was about his illness and the long hard battle he had been in.

Peter lost that battle on July 5, 2015. But his story will continue to thrive.

Rest in peace, friend. Your strength, will, passion, loyalty and humor will be greatly missed by so many.”—Megan Baltimore

In lieu of flowers, Peters family is asking that you kindly make a donation to the rebuilding of Ambleside Skatepark , a project near and dear to Peter’s heart.

VDI Events

Thursday, July 9th, 2015


There will be a lot happening in Vancouver over the next two days, all around the Van Doren Invitational. The Qualifiers at the event run on Friday afternoon, and then later that evening you can drop by Antisocial Skateboard Shop to see a Todd Francis art show. On Saturday, post up on the bleachers at Hastings again to watch the semifinals and finals, and then, if you’re old enough, head to Crack Gallery to see Weirdo Dave’s art show, and then on to Fortune Sound Club for the VDI after party, with Vinyl Ritchie on the 1s and 2s.Crowd




Van Doren Invitational Vancouver

Monday, July 6th, 2015

VDI_Select__Thorburn__023The Van Doren Invitational is going down this Friday and Saturday at Hastings Bowl in Vancouver. Details are in the link on how to watch the webcast if you can’t make it out to see the madness.

Pictured: Curren Caples floats backside into the deep end. Jeff Thorburn photo.

Kitsch in Barcelona

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

Geoff Dermer and Stacey Gabriel of Kitsch both made their yearly winter pilgrimage to warmer climates, this time choosing Barcelona, and both returned with full parts. Check it out.

Chance in LA Video

Friday, June 26th, 2015

You saw the photos and read the story yesterday, now enjoy the video.

Chance in LA Story and Photos

Thursday, June 25th, 2015


2_LAX_Lot_SeshThis spring, the Chance skateboards team decided to head south of the border to start off their Canadian summer early with a trip to L.A.  With team riders Derek Epp, Dominic Devries, Nic McNeill, Riley Cronin, and Ryan Siemens, along with filmers Dan Funk and Matt Holdsworth, we flew into LAX and set out for a week of street skating, palm trees, fish tacos, and good times.

3_Ryan_Siemens_Kickflip_Anaheim_SidewalkSkate spots in LA are fairly spread out, and as we set out from out hotel to go skating every morning, we had to be just as ready to battle the traffic as the spots. We spent a lot of hours in the van, but definitely hit a wide range of locations, from the Hollywood hills down to Laguna Beach.  We made one of our fist stops in the Anaheim area and enjoyed a sesh on some of California’s legendary curb cuts. Ryan Siemens catches a Kickflip over a power box gap.

4_Dominic_Devries_Hubba_Crook_Huntington_BeachThis hubba ledge in Huntington Beach provided the Chance crew with our first excuse to hit the beach. After a few noseslides up and over the wall-rail, Dominic ground out a fast Crook on this man sized ledge.

5_Derek_Epp_Kickflip_Glendale_GapOn our second afternoon we headed up into the hill country above LA to hit the Glendale rails.  While the rest of the posse seshed the handrails, Derek went in search of a spot he’d noticed on the drive up through the trees – a concrete reservoir nestled into the thick underbrush. A few barbed wire fence hops and a lot of foot-sweeping produced a pretty sick gap over a channel filled with deep mud and garbage. Derek risked rolling up through an array of pebbles to stomp a quick Kickflip over the gap, and thankfully we didn’t have to rescue any boards from the mud.

6_Riley_Cronin_Hardflip_Backlip_GlendaleRight after rejoining the crew up at the rails, there was just enough time to set up the camera gear before we were treated to a perfect Hardflip Backlip by Riley down the 7.

7_Ryan_Siemens_heelflip_gap_LAAfter an invite to come skate the Berrics one morning, we scoped this gap-over rail spot just around the block from the warehouse. We decided we’d check it out after the Berrics park (no filming allowed).

After skating perfect obstacles on polished cement and having the park to ourselves for several hours, it was an interesting transition back to street skating and the many factors involved. In order to hit this spot, you had to gap into a busy street and we had to wait several minutes at a time for a break in the speeding traffic. The landing for this spot was pretty rough and had an angled cable from a telephone post you had to avoid slamming into. We were reminded pretty quick how rough the concrete in the streets is in comparison to the super polished concrete we had just been skating at the Berrics. The struggle is definitely real. This spot claimed the first injury of the trip, leaving Nic with a nasty heel bruise. After waiting out the cars, Ryan stomped a beauty Heelflip and we rolled out to search for more spots.

8_Riley_Cronin_Crook_LAWith the heat of the day, and the ‘bust’ factor being pretty high while most business’ are open, we did a lot of night skating.  These rails in Anaheim provided a great spot for a night sesh, and Ryan, Riley and Dom hammered out a ton of tricks while we lit up the spot with our headlights and camera lights.



11_Ryan_Siemens_5050_Anaheim_WalkwayrailWe got to these walkway rails late one night and were there just long enough to set up our gear before the police showed up and told us to move on.  We managed to shoot a quick 50-50 under their watchful eye before having to leave.


13_Derek_Epp_Crook_VeniceBeach_SunsetAfter 6 heavy days and nights of skating, we ended up at Venice beach one evening to take it easy, play in the surf and cruise the boardwalk.  Before heading back to Canada, we got to enjoy one last California sunset while Derek crooked through some wavy ledges.

Thanks for showing us a great time LA!  We’ll be back.


Etnies GSD Vancouver Video

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

Absolute madness from last Sunday in Vancouver. Serious bangers from Mikey Ray, Cameo Wilson, and more. Brought to you by Etnies and InStance.

The Emerica Provost Slim

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Emerica took all-terrain ripper Collin Provost’s first pro model shoe, slimmed it down, and boom, they now have a Provost Slim. An ideal shoe for skateboarding, with all the excess left in the past.

Side Two

Saturday, June 20th, 2015

Side Two from Antosh Cimoszko, featuring Dylan Fulford, Mikey Ray, Ty Peterson, Will Blakley, and many more.

Kr3w Case Study

Friday, June 19th, 2015

Dig this Case Study from KR3W featuring Franky Villani.

Double Standard Online Premiere

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Words by Jordan Guzyk

Photos by Sam Fidlin


Dou-ble Stand-ard 


– A situation in which two people, groups, etc., are treated very differently from each other in a way that is unfair to one of them.


I started planning Double Standard in January 2014 and my goal was to create an experience rather than just another video that will get lost on the Internet.

Double standards exist everywhere in the skate industry. It’s hard for skaters from smaller towns to get recognition for their achievements within skateboarding. Magazines, brands, and fans instantly validate tricks being done by well-known skateboarders through likes, followers, views, and shares via social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram. An unknown amateur, by comparison, may have a harder time getting recognition for the same sort of skating. Trying to make it in the Canadian skateboarding scene out of London, Ontario is very similar. It’s hard to stand out because of the shadow of the Toronto skateboarding scene casts across the province.

The Internet has changed skateboarding videos forever. With videos coming out every single day, how does a filmmaker leave a mark on the scene? Double Standard is a video that represents the current state of skateboarding while simultaneously showcasing Canadian skaters from South Western Ontario with a contrasted roster of well-known amateurs and some not-so-well-known flow-bros.



Jesse Belrose, Boneless Bluntslide

A lot of well-known Canadian skaters have come out of London, including: Ryan Blaxall, Darrell Smith, and Chad Dickson. It’s a strange town, though. It isn’t quite large enough to be a big city, but it’s big enough to shake the small town vibe. Just two hours east of Toronto, it’s more than a leisurely drive and many locals never really want to make the trip out there. Because of this, the local scene is very tight.

London often gets lumped in to the Toronto stop on skate tours, but our skate scene has so much more to offer than other major cities on the east coast. This is primarily because of the City Council’s involvement with the skateboarding community. A city run Facebook page allows the skateboarding community to stay updated on what is happening in the London skate scene. Not to mention we have ten skate parks (with a population of only 350,000), two amazing community-dedicated skate shops, a great core group of skateboarders, and quite possibly the most perfect ledges in Canada.

The guys who run the shop go out of their way to make skateboarding in London more inclusive to everyone and promote the act of supporting local businesses. By organizing contests, parties, and trips to other skate parks, the Co-Op has developed amazing relationships with younger skateboarders and their families.

benpaterson_bssmithgapoutBen Paterson, Back Smith Gap Out

London skateboarders love showing around guests from other cities. This past year Dave Hnatiuk, Colin Findlater, and Jesse Belrose all lived in the same house. They called it ‘The Ranch’. Complete with mini ramp in the garage, skaters from other cities could come and stay the weekend free of charge, skate the local spots, and have a great time. Ben Paterson, Byron Ready, and Jon Cos spent tons of time in London filming and skating with the crew; some could even argue that they were basically locals.

Ben came and stayed the weekend multiple times in 2013 and he had become good friends with a lot of the guys that we skate with, so naturally, with his talent and the way he was able to get along with the crew, he would be a great addition to the video line up. At one point, Ben even claimed he was going to move to London. I don’t think he’ll be moving to London very soon, though—word on the street is that he’ll be living in Vancouver by the end of the year.

joncos_fsflipJon Cos, Frontside Flip

Even though the crew spent most of the time filming in London and Toronto, we made a few trips to different locations to get the creative juices flowing and keep everyone motivated. Last summer Colin, Dave, Jesse and myself spent two weeks on the west coast in Vancouver with a quick road trip to Seattle and Portland. In September, I joined Jon and Ben, along with a few other friends, on a trip to Montreal for AM Getting Paid, and this past March the whole crew decided to get spring off to an early start with a 10-day trip to North Carolina.

I chose to film the video in HD as opposed to SD because I wanted to give myself a new challenge. I filmed with a VX for seven years and I felt like I needed a change of pace to keep things interesting. In my opinion, HD skateboarding gets a bad rap. There are many people who, when they hear of HD footage or videos, immediately associate them with cinematic productions. The fact is there are a lot of HD videos that seem overproduced for a skateboarding video. My goal was to make an HD video that has simple filming, simple editing, and reminds the audience about what skateboarding really is: simple, fun, and beautiful without effects.

byronready_swbslipslide Byron Ready, Switch Backside Lipslide

I wanted to make a video that’s a little bigger than just a video you make with your homies, but still has the homie-video vibe. Skateboarding doesn’t need to be serious. Double Standard is a video you can throw on five years from now and say, “Damn, they had a good time.” I mixed in the skateboarding, the fun times, some of the bad times, the shenanigans, and a bangin’ soundtrack and I hope it ends up being someone’s favourite video, or inspires someone to make a video with their homies.

Double Standard is my second full-length video out of London and regardless of my impact on the Canadian skate scene; I know that I will be making a big influence on the London skate scene. Special thanks to Ultimate Distribution, Bones Wheels, Bro Style, The Boardshop, The London Skateboard Co-Op, and Concrete Skateboarding for helping out with the promotion of the project and helping to make it such a great experience.

DC Global Skate Jam

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

DC is hosting an array of skate jams across the world on June 21st, Go Skateboarding Day. See the posters below for details on events in Whistler, BC; Langford, BC; and Ajax, ON.




Kurtis Shea at the Golden Hour

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

If there is one time of day photographers love, it’s the golden hour. When the sun is just above setting, the shadows are long, the light is strong from one side, and it’s, well, golden. Andrew Kelly documented Kurtis Shea taking advantage of some nice light in Fredericton recently. Dig the short video and accompanying photo.