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Petition to Help Vancouver’s SBC Restaurant & Ramp

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Since it’s got a 60-foot wide mini-ramp, we’ve given you the heads-up on Vancouver’s SBC Restaurant that’s a diamond in the rough of the Downtown Eastside. Well, the fellas behind this business need your help in order to continue operating. Check out their petition and sign it!



Concrete Skateboarding #130: Coming Soon

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

As we enter the realm of sunny, dry days in Canada, Concrete #130 will bring the heat. Grab a free copy at skateshops across the country starting April 22nd. To get things started, check out our latest cover, feature previews and a round-up of recent web exclusives…

THE STRANGER // Cover photo & caption by Keith Henry

I shot this photo the day I met COLIN LAMBERT. He picked me up at the airport in Winnipeg a couple hours prior and drove me to his apartment so I could drop my luggage off and get settled. We headed to Sk8 Skates shortly after and rolled around the Forks plaza when he mentioned that this rail was at the top level of a nearby parkade. It seemed sketchy by his description, and upon arrival I was pretty shocked—the ground was pretty rough and the run-up had a glob of Bondo that looked like it hadn’t been spread. I was worried for him and his potential offspring, but his trusty 58mm Bones Wheels didn’t let him down. He got this FAKIE LIPSLIDE and I was just happy that I didn’t have to drive a stranger to the hospital. Thanks for that, Colin.

Words: Josh Clark, Kevin Lowry
Photos: Brian Caissie, James Morley, Nathan Éthier-Myette
Design: Dave Keras

Is Montreal’s Charles Rivard a Useful Person Of Society, or the total opposite? That is the question. It’s explored in an interview with the adidas Skateboarding, Fourstar, Spitfire and Thunder rider that includes leg sweat, Peace Park insight, theft under $5000, bipolar highs and a 72-year-old roommate. If Chuck’s interview doesn’t raise eyebrows and make you smile, we’re not sure what will.

Words: Josh Clark, Brian Caissie
Photos: Rich Odam, Brian Caissie
Design: Dave Keras

What happens when the rain and snow falls steadily in Canada and a handful of dudes start getting antsy? They buck up and go to a place that’s the complete opposite – a place where Tinder friendships can be made under the tropical sun, warm water waves can be ridden in a number of ways and a popular tourist attraction can become a majestic urinal. That place is the Hawaiian island of Oahu, and the dudes that went were Stacy Gabriel, Nick Moore, Josh Clark, Jamie Maley and Drew Summersides. | #concretefiveoh

Words: James Morley
Photos: James Morley, Dan Neufeld, Arto Saari, Brian Caissie, Keith Henry
Design: Dave Keras

Winnipeg’s Colin Lambert came up as a skate rat that localized one of Canada’s longest running skateshops, Sk8 Skates, before eventually becoming its owner. He also continues to be a relevant sponsored skateboarder (for Altamont, Bones Wheels and more) thanks to his unique personality and high level of motivation. With the help of shop-accumulated Air Miles, Colin has managed to pull this all off while still keeping residence in the land-locked Manitoba capital he holds dear. That being said, we’re happy to hook up his first (and well-deserved) Concrete cover, along with this feature interview.

Words: Christian Senrud
Photos: Nick Henderson, Cameron Strand, Cody Lisch, Joe Krolick, James Morley, Rich Odam
Design: Dave Keras

At this point it’s no mystery that Whitby, ON and SoCal resident (thanks to his P1 Sports Visa) TJ Rogers produces cover-worthy photos on repeat, and caught everyone’s attention in Blind’s Damn… video. TJ has also been hitting the road, which has further increased his stock (and fan base). For this issue’s headline feature, the Bones Wheels rider kicks it with the Decenzos in Huntington Beach and chats with former Skateboarder staffer Christian Senrud about being a goal-oriented Canadian transplant in skateboarding’s epicentre. TJ’s doin’ it, WOOO!!


•Mar.4: Altamont Canada Vegas Days & Nights digital article & video, with Skylar Kehr, Colin Lambert, Andrew Wenckstern, Scott Varney and Hugo Balek.

•Mar.6: Past Blast – Concrete Powder Issue 17, 1995 digital edition.

•Mar.7: 60 Seconds Or Less Video #5: Issue 129 release party, mini-ramp jam and Leeside fundraiser at Joe’s Apartment in Vancouver, BC.

•Mar.18: Wandering: Alexis Lacroix digital edition interview & RVCA video part.

•Mar.31: Issue 129 online in full.

Emerica: Atiba x Wino

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Emerica presents the [o] Atiba Jefferson x Wino chillseeker shoe that comes complete with a bottle opener so you never have to be #sorryforpartying. Learn more about it here.


Emerica footwear is available in Canada through Timebomb Trading.

The “Double Standard” Video Project

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

Double Standard is an Ontario-based and Concrete-supported video project, that’s also brought to you by Bones Wheels, Bro Style and more. Shooting for a Spring 2015 release, the video will feature the talents of Colin Findlater, Ben Paterson, Jon Cosentino, Andrew Wenckstern, Dave Hnatiuk, Jesse Belrose and Byron Ready. Stay tuned for webisodes and more leading up to the release.

Keep tabs on Double Standard here at, on Facebook and Instagram.


Civic Affair: Trailer #2 & Vancouver Premiere

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

We tuned you in to the first trailer for Jake Kuzyk’s upcoming Civic Affair video, which is dropping in April. Check the out the latest trailer, featuring a solid line-up: Mike Campbell, Ben Blundell, Tyler Warren, Tyler Gaucher, Dustin Henry and Jed Anderson.

Civic Affair premieres in Vancouver on Friday, April 4th at Antisocial. Scroll down for deets…


Lakai: Earl Sweatshirt & Nakel Smith

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Lakai is teamed up with Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future for a Spring ’14 limited collaboration release of the Camby shoe. Since Earl grew up skateboarding with Lakai AM Nakel Smith, this collab came about organically. Check a day in the life with those two, and learn more about the shoe right here.


Lakai footwear is available in Canada through Supra Distribution.

Fourstar Clothing Welcomes Cory Kennedy

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Cory Kennedy gets a proper welcome to the Fourstar Clothing team from Mr. Eric Koston.


Fourstar is available in Canada through Supra Distribution.

Theeve: Jordan Hoffart Pro Trucks

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Jordan Hoffart follows up his welcome to Stereo part with another one that promotes his new pro trucks from Theeve.

Theeve is available in Canada through Ultimate Distribution.

Stereo Welcomes Jordan Hoffart

Monday, March 17th, 2014

The latest Stereophonic Sound video is indeed a special one. One of Canada’s finest exports, Jordan Hoffart, is officially on Stereo! Naturally he came through with some solid footage to seal the deal.


Stereo product and Jordan’s pro models are available in Canada through Ultimate Distribution.

HUF x Wu-Tang Brand Capsule

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

The limited edition apparel and footwear HUF x Wu-Tang collaboration collection has launched to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iconic album, Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers. The capsule will be available starting 03.01.14 at select Canadian shops! Take a closer look at the goods below, and find out where you can cop ‘em in Canada via this Take Five Trading post.





Theeve Trucks Welcomes Forrest Edwards

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Theeve Trucks welcomes Riverside, California’s Forrest Edwards to the team. Stay tuned for his pro truck, dropping soon.

Theeve Trucks are available in Canada through Ultimate Distribution.

Concrete Skateboarding #129: Out Now!

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Concrete #129, our first issue of the 2014 publishing season, will be available for free at skateshops across Canada starting February, 24th. Check out our latest cover and feature previews…

SKINNY TO SKINNY // Cover photo & caption by Nathan Éthier-Myette

ALEXIS LACROIX and I are always talking shit to each other. A few weeks after I moved to Quebec City last summer, he called about shutting down the city with an epic banger. As usual we laughed about it, but I knew it was no joke when he told me to meet up at this gap called Skinny To Skinny. He’s been talking about doing this trick for a few years now, and even though it’s not the biggest gap, the danger factor is high. At first he just wanted to cruise around and wasn’t down to try this 360 FLIP. I don’t usually put on the pressure, but I told him there’s no way I’d leave without him trying. Good thing Alexis works well under pressure; he rolled away a few tries later and was ready to crack a beer on our way to the next spot.

Words: Justin Allain, Jeff Delong // Photos: Jeff Delong, Dustin Seca // Design: Dave Keras

Barcelona, San Francisco and Shenzhen are a few places that come to mind when dreaming up skate destinations. Fact of the matter is, there’s plenty of urban centres in our vast stretch of homeland to explore on the wood-wheel. The Maritimes should be on every Canadian’s bucket list of places to visit, so in this issue we take a locals’ look at #skatelife in Saint John and Moncton, nestled in the friendly province of New Brunswick.

Photos: Jay Delaney, Brian Caissie, Rich Odam, Josh Hotz, Dan Mathieu // Design: Dave Keras

Whether it’s smearing a strip of Bondo on an annoying crack, building a cinder block ledge, putting a little (or a lot) of tranny on that barrier, or pouring a full-blown park handmade by the homies, this special instalment of Exposure is a nod to the constantly changing  DoItYourself landscape.

Words & Photos: Rich Odam // Design: Dave Keras

Going on a skate trip to Las Vegas seems like a brutally counter-productive idea. Fact of the matter is, Timebomb Trading was confident that their Altamont Canada squad would be on their grind in Sin City. Colin Lambert, Skylar Kehr, Hugo Balek, Scott Varney and Andrew Wenckstern didn’t disappoint, as shown in this Days & Nights split feature. Stay tuned for Timebomb’s video component, dropping on March 4th here at | #altamontsincity

Words: Tyler Holm // Photos: Nathan Éthier-Myette, Jay Delaney, Brian Caissie // Design: Dave Keras

Montreal’s Alexis Lacroix runs things pretty loose by not having a phone, staying in tents, hostels and on couches for undisclosed amounts of time, and playing harmonica and trumpet in a stoner folk band called Jam Boulevard. But the dude knows how to roll. It’s no wonder that Supra Distribution backs him with Krooked, Thunder and Spitfire, while Timebomb Trading hooks him up with Emerica and RVCA. Stay tuned for Alexis’ Timebomb video part, dropping on March 18th here at


•Dec.4/2013: #DARKSLIDEVAN video recap.

•Dec.11: etnies Canada in Portland digital article & video, featuring Stacy Gabriel, Justin Allain and Cory Wilson.

•Dec.12: Issue 128 Art Blender, featuring Marc McKee (digital article & free wallpaper downloads of Loonie Bin, which he created for the mag).

•Dec.20: DVS Canadian Bacon Tour digital article & video, with Torey Pudwill, Chico Brenes, Luis Tolentino, Jon Nguyen, Cory Lakeman, Paul Shier and Marty Murawski.

•Dec.23: Concrete 2013 in review – top videos and photos.

•Dec.30: Photo gallery of unseen images shot by Concrete photo editor Brian Caissie.

•Jan.14/2014: On The Reel Parts 1 & 2 – a Concrete x Ultimate Distribution video collaboration featuring Dane Pryds, Gab Lalande, Justin Allain, Spencer Corbett, Conlan Killeen, Andrew Wenckstern, Drew Summersides, Ben Paterson, Michael Ray, Mickenzie Keller, Jorden Murray, Sam Brown, Dan Redmond, Josh Forgues, Chad Wilson, Mike Schulze, Dustin Locke and Adam Hopkins.

•Jan.20: KNOWSHOW – Vancouver, BC trade show photo set.

•Jan.21: 60 Seconds Or Less Video #4, with Josh Clark, Kyle MacDonald, JS Lapierre, Charles Rivard, Charles Deschamps, Johnny Purcell and Andrew McGraw.

•Jan.28: Past Blast: Soul Train video, featuring Magnus Hanson, Ryan & Scott Decenzo, Paul Trep and Ted DeGros.

•Feb.3: Issue 128 online in full.

Hype! Welcomes Jesse Holland

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Hype! Skateboards welcomes Jesse Holland to the steadily building flow team.

Hype! is available in Canada through Platform Distribution.

Chance Skateboards: West Coast Series Re-Release

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Due to popular demand, Chance Skateboards is re-releasing their popular West Coast Series. To celebrate, Chance headed out on a road trip to San Diego, San Francisco and Portland. Check the video, featuring teamsters Jo Cariou and Derek Epp, along with their homies Brad Warlimont and Sam Sleigh.


Expedition-One: Tom Remillard is Pro

Friday, February 14th, 2014

Expedition-One turned all-terrain arm-casted ripper Tom Remillard (aka Twist The Wrist) pro. His first model is dedicated to the fact that he broke his arm seven times to get there, and his graphic features the blue cast signed by his friends and family…

Tom’s board is available in Canada through Timebomb Trading.

Emerica: The Leo Dos

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

The Leo Dos shoe by Emerica is the perfect mix of classic and tech. Low-pro cup, Herman G6 inspired ventilation window, Foam Lite Level 1 footbed and much more. Leo Romero breaks it down…


Emerica footwear is available in Canada through Timebomb Trading.